ETSY Customer Service

If you have an account with Etsy you can contact customer support in 3 different ways. Both the Chat and Email options must be done from the Etsy website.

Phone numbers: North America (1-844-935-3879), United Kingdom (44-800-011-9700), or Australia (61-1800-531-536)
Home Office Location: 117 Adams Street, Brooklyn, New York, 11201

About ETSY

Etsy is an online marketplace that has transformed the way artisans, crafters, and independent sellers connect with a global audience. Founded in 2005 by Rob Kalin, Chris Maguire, and Haim Schoppik, Etsy has become a go-to platform for people seeking unique, handmade, and vintage items.

At the heart of Etsy's appeal is its commitment to supporting small businesses and creators. The platform empowers individuals to turn their creative passions into successful online stores, offering a wide range of products that span from handmade jewelry, clothing, and home decor to vintage collectibles and digital art.

Etsy's user-friendly interface allows sellers to set up their shops with ease, personalize their storefronts, and manage their inventory efficiently. Buyers, in turn, enjoy a personalized shopping experience, with the ability to browse items by category, location, and seller reviews.

The Etsy community thrives on transparency and authenticity, with sellers often sharing the stories behind their creations. This personal connection adds a unique dimension to the shopping experience, fostering a sense of trust and rapport between buyers and sellers.

Etsy's commitment to sustainability is also noteworthy. The platform encourages eco-friendly practices and supports artisans who use recycled materials in their products, promoting a more environmentally conscious approach to commerce.

Over the years, Etsy has grown into a global marketplace, with millions of active sellers and buyers from around the world. Its success is a testament to the enduring appeal of handmade and vintage items, as well as the power of e-commerce to empower independent entrepreneurs. Whether you're a seller looking to share your craft or a shopper in search of something truly special, Etsy offers a vibrant and diverse marketplace that celebrates creativity and community.

How do I track my Etsy order online?

You can check the shipping status of your order on or the Etsy app. If the seller added a tracking number, you can use that to get detailed information about the package’s movement through the shipping carrier.