Eagle Global Logistics Customer Care :

Hotline Phone Number: 212-213-0888
Email: [email protected]

About Eagle International Shipping

If you’re looking for a completely incorporated transportation firm in the USA, go with Eagle Bulk Freight. It is a renowned US-based transportation company that provides delivery services for small businesses to large shipments and cargo.

However, they favor shipping dry goods in quantity around the globe. The company’s main office is in Stamford, Connecticut. Additionally, Eagle Bulk maintains operations in Singapore and Copenhagen.

Additionally, it has one of the largest fleets of Ultramax/Supramax carriers that caters to the middle-sized dry bulk carrier category. Following this, the network is managed through planning, coordinating, and performing economic, logistical, technical, and administrative tasks. In terms of specs and dimensions, this Ultramax container is the best option for dry bulk shipments. The trading, production, mining, and end-user sectors are among the areas in which the organization has solid transit experience.

From huge bulk transporters like grain, iron, and coal ore to small bulk industrial goods, fertiliser, cement, and others, it provides excellent transit assistance. The use of multiple suppliers via rail, road, sea, and air freight allows you to have sophisticated logistical capabilities. The business accepted the creative and committed logistics operation. You can follow your shipment service using the Eagle global logistics tracking solution, which is also included.

How do I track my Eagle shipping? 

With the use of the tracking number, you can trace your cargo delivery made by Eagle Global Logistics. When your package arrives at the firm, wrapping for shipment begins. You will receive an email confirmation with a tracking number once your item is prepared for dispatch. This number must be written down so that you can input it in the tracking text box above. Now click the track icon to quickly receive your tracking information.