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GC2B is a Maryland-based, trans-owned business founded in 2015. The founder, CEO, and designer of gc2b, Marli Washington, saw that the only options for tight shirts for bindings available to trans men were unpleasant and insufficient. He used his knowledge of fabrics and item innovation as a University of the Arts Commercial Design student to produce inexpensive, appropriate, and secure binding alternatives created by trans people for trans people. The first apparel made and patented specifically for gender-affirming chest binding was GC2B apparel.

With the growth of their company, GC2B has fantastic potential to improve matters in their neighborhood. In the past 3 years, they have funded more than 100 LGBT organizations and given out almost 6,000 chest binders to people who needed them. They have attended numerous conferences and pride celebrations, and they have collaborated with national and international groups that aim to change the world. Their primary goal has shifted because they are now a revolution, not merely a business that sells gender-affirming apparel.

They are dedicated to providing welcoming and pleasant knowledge and fibrous products while also promoting mobility. Binders supplied by 2b.care are only made of fresh or barely worn clothes. Binders are meticulously washed after being used gently. Each binder is examined by knowledgeable GC2B group workers to ensure that it is of the highest caliber and upholds the integrity of the people who receive it.

How do I track my gc2b order?

Using the easytrackings online tracker, you may follow your order. Simply enter the tracking number that was provided to you by the company via email in the tracking field above.