Coyote Logistics Customer Service

Customer Care Phone number: 877-6-COYOTE

Headquarters Address: 2545 W. Diversey Ave., 3rd Floor Chicago, IL 60647, USA


The company offers its services in the USA and globally. They are aware of their consumers' various requirements.

The following are some of their services:

Full Truckload

Coyote unifies an incredibly splintered industry by maintaining partnerships with over 70,000 carriers to provide you with access to all sorts of equipment and transportation requirements. They help you achieve improved efficiency, a larger reach and increased buying power by optimizing truckload freight capacity.

Less than Truckload

When you don't have a full truck to fill, use Less Than Truckload (LTL) to send your items effectively. To optimize savings, Coyote will assist you in identifying mode conversion possibilities.


Ship your items using a combo of truckload and rail transport to save money and benefit your environmental goals. When compared to over-the-road shipping alone, intermodal may increase capacity, lower transportation costs, and reduce CO2 emissions by nearly 30%. It's a clever way to develop an intermodal freight solution that keeps your company functioning smoothly.

Air and Ocean

UPS is an authorized reseller of Coyote's air services, and UPS also provides access to UPS's ocean services. These footprints around the world, coupled with the huge central market for Coyote carriers in North America, allow you to transport goods wherever your business needs, all with the same devotion, visibility, and knowledge you expect from Coyote.

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Cross Border Freight

Coyote uses a deep North American carrier network to deliver capacity when and when you need it, whether you're shipping northbound or southbound. They find the best carrier for each job, handle the crossing logistics, and keep track of your cargo all throughout the procedure.

About Coyote

Coyote Logistics is a third-party logistics forwarder with operations all over the world. The firm has achieved the goal of delivering 10,000 packages every day. Meanwhile, the company was created in 2006 with the goal of providing high-quality transportation services. The organization is dedicated to maintaining high service standards and ensuring client happiness.

In 2015, the firm surpassed UPS in terms of air and ocean freight forwarding services, as well as UPS asset usage. It also focuses on improving its systems and adapting to contemporary technology for the best management and functionality. The organization makes every effort to deliver and recommend the appropriate items based on customer needs. There are around 20 offices in all, with over 3,000 staff. They can fill up to 10,000 orders in a single day and have over 14,000 loyal customers. Additionally, the corporation has over 70,000 linked carriers to demonstrate its global reach.

How can I track my coyote Courier order?

  1. You can track your order via Coyote Courier official website.
  2. You can track your order by putting your tracking number into our above tracking tool as well.

Is Coyote Logistics part of UPS?

Coyote Logistics has been purchased by UPS and will now be a UPS subsidiary company under Jeff Silver, the company's CEO.