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Dr. Martens, sometimes referred to as Doc Martens, Docs, or DMs, is a apparel and footwear firm with its headquarters in Wollaston, in the Northampton shire county of England. Despite being known for its shoes, Dr. Martens also produces a variety of items, including clothes, purses, and items for caring for shoes. The air-cushioned sole, often known as “bouncy soles,” the upper form, the leather upper structure, and the yellow stitching all serve to define the clothing and shoes. The manufacture of Dr. Martens is done in Vietnam, China, the UK, Laos, and Thailand, with the creative center being in Camden Town, London.

During World War II, Klaus Märtens served as a medic in the Nazi German military. He discovered that his ordinary military footwear was just too unpleasant on his damaged leg after suffering a foot injury in 1945. He improved the shoes by adding comfortable leather and air-cushioned bottoms made of vulcanized rubber while he was recovering. Märtens stole leather from a cobbler’s business after the battle, when several Nazis were able to retrieve items from their home towns.

Märtens struggled to sell his footwear till he ran into Herbert Funck, a Luxembourger and former classmate, in Munich in 1947. Funck was attracted by the innovative shoe concept, and the two launched their company in Seeshaupt, Germany, that year, utilizing scrap latex that had been molded. The soft bottoms were a massive success with stay-at-home moms, with women over the age of 40 accounting for 80% of revenue during the first ten years.

How do I track Dr Martens Order?

You can simply track and trace your orders using the easytrackings web tracker. You need only enter your tracking number in the space above. After that, hit the track button. You will be guided to a tracking page.