Eco Post Israel Customer Support Contact:-

Telephone Number: 171
Fax Number: 076-8870564
Contact Email:[email protected]

About Eco Post Israel Postal Company: 

The government owns Eco Post, popularly known as Israel Post. The citizens of Israel can use the financial and postal services provided by the Israel Post.

This Israel postal organization is equipped with cutting-edge tech to meet the country’s citizens’ demands for email and online shopping. This firm helps individuals grow their commercial enterprises and make a sizable income, which is exactly what the Israel Post wants. The company provides its high-quality solutions all around the nation. Customers can send packages anywhere in the world. Additionally, the business offers sophisticated banking services.

The business offers a variety of transportation services, including those for special orders. From Israel, you can ship items and papers anywhere in the world. You can simultaneously get any kind of item and documents into your Israel Post account from any nation. The global solutions are quick, reasonably priced, and reliable. It is the most comprehensive courier company in the nation, enabling you to dispatch a delivery anywhere in the nation within a 24-hour period. In addition to this, both small firms and individuals can use a variety of options. 

The Philatelic Service there handles the distribution of cash and postage stamps. It ensures that postage is delivered to Israel's postal facilities. Additionally, the solutions give users the ability to deliver gifts and information on any topic to both corporate and individual clients.

Additionally, they provide postal banking services. The Israel Post offers the Israeli public a number of advantages with this postal bank option. Direct transactions to commercial entities, domestic and international transfers of money, foreign currency exchange services, and many more are all included in this program. This affiliate bank offers several products and amenities at a lower cost than other financial institutions.

How do I track my Israel Post?

You can use Israel Eco Post Tracking to follow your delivery. You must get the tracking number in order to use this service. This number can be found on your delivery invoice or in the e-mail you get from the firm when your package is being shipped. Take note of this number when you locate it. Put the ID in the tracking field that is above currently. Finally, hit the “Track” text to find your product’s location.

How long does Eco Post take to deliver packages?

The delivery of the products and documentation by Eco Post requires around 2 weeks. But, the location and distance play a major role.