You may have heard a lot about USPS tracking since it is all the rage these days. Everybody is going crazy about this highly useful and much-needed service of tracking your mail as they are en route to the recipient. I think we have all been through the unfortunate and highly frustrating event of losing our parcels when sending them to the intended persons. This occurrence is not only inconvenient but may also cause insurmountable damage.

And the worst part is that nobody takes responsibility for your loss. Everybody starts playing the blame game. Some people would even go as far as to bash you for not being responsible enough about tracking your parcel! However, USPS tracking is the perfect solution for all your problems. You no longer have to suffer any losses or struggle with the fear of the unknown while your parcel is sent on its way. For further details keep on reading the following article.

USPS Tracking

What Is USPS Tracking?

Let’s start off with what USPS tracking really is. Some of you may already know what it is but most of you might be harboring some misconceptions or confusions about it. So, let me give you a quick review of what it is before we can further explore what USPS tracking is offering you these days. If you are already familiar with it then feel free to skip this section of the article and directly move on to the next one.

USPS tracking is basically a modern service through which you can now track your parcel online at any time and from anywhere you want. This will give you a sense of surety that your parcel is safe and on its way to its final destination.

However, this service has a few restrictions to its sausage. For starters, it only tracks large domestic mail. Secondly, all these parcels should be addressed to domestic locations. For example Fleet Post Offices (FPOs), Army Post Offices (APO), Diplomatic Post Offices (DPO), etc. So, if your parcel is headed in such a direction, then you may definitely track your mail.

How To Use USPS Tracking Service

If you are confused about how to use the USPS tracking service, let me tell you that it is super easy. All you have to do is to enter the tracking number that comes with your mail into our website and press enter. It will automatically give you all the information relating to your parcel status and so on.

The best part about this whole thing is that our website not only displays the live location of your mail but also displays whether or not your mail has been delivered yet. In case it is delivered, our website will also display the date and time of the delivery. Furthermore, it will also provide information about the recipient. You will see the name of the recipient with other details.

Monetary Charges For USPS Tracking

USPS tracking does not additionally charge you any fee. It is a service that you will receive free of cost with many postage services. You will just have to know the proper way to use it. And that’s it. However, that does not mean that it is a free cause to serve humanity! The mailing charges you pay to the courier service will include the charges for USPS tracking. So, in a sense, it will be a mandatory package price that you will have to pay in order to mail your parcel to the recipient.

USPS Marketing Mail

The above rule does not apply to USPS marketing mail. You will not get this service as a package deal with a courier service. You will have to pay additional charges if you want to avail of the USPS tracking service in your marketing mail. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use USPS tracking through our website or any other website in order to track the location of your parcel.

So, if you are thinking about sending any promotional packages to your potential clients or any agency, it is imperative that you specifically ask the postage service to add the USPS tracking to your parcel.

USPS Tracking For International Shipping Orders

USPS tracking service is also available on various internationally shipped orders. However, these orders have a location restriction. You will only be able to track your parcels for a limited distance. Once your product crosses the domestic region you will no longer be able to track it. Furthermore, you will have to pay extra charges for getting USPS tracking service for your international shipping orders.

Now, you must be wondering what is the benefit of using USPS tracking on internally shipped parcels if you won’t even be able to track them for most of the time. So, in answer to that, I would like to ask you a question of my own: Won’t you want to be sure whether or not your parcel has been shipped off to another country? Most of the time, the cargo companies don’t even send the parcels and lie that they have been shipped.

But with the help of the USPS tracking service, you can easily check out the live location of your parcel with other details through our website. You can do so at any time of the day whenever you remember. Furthermore, you will also see details about how, when, and in which cargo container your parcel was shipped off in.

Your Possible Course Of Action If Your Mail Does Not Get Delivered

Even when your mail does not get delivered on time, there is a course of action for you to follow through. First of all, go to our website and enter your mail piece cider in the given field and press enter. You will be displayed all the relevant information on the next page.

You will also see a “Product Information” tab. Under this tab, you will see an option saying “Delayed mail and packages''. Click on this option and choose the “Mail Delivery Standards Chart”. In this chart, you will see all the information relating to your package delivery date and time. Plus, you will also see a time after which you may call or email customer service to inquire about your parcel and the reasons for the delay.

Furthermore, if you see an “Alert” sign with your parcel details, it indicates an unexpected change in plans due to certain events. It could be because of climatic change, political shift, natural disaster, or any other such events. So, in that case, you must look out for USPS service alerts. Besides, you will also be notified when the situation is back to normal. In that case, you will be able to track your parcel in the normal way.

Expected Delivery Window

When your parcel is about to reach its destination, you will start seeing an “Expected Delivery” window on our website along with your product details. The purpose of this tab is basically to let you know that your parcel is on its way to the recipient. You may give the recipient a heads-up so that they can be present when the parcel is delivered. It will ensure an immediate and safe transfer of the parcel.

When is USPS tracking information available?

The USPS tracking is available throughout the day 24/27. It means that you can check out the live location of your mail at any time of the day at your own convenience. Furthermore, this information will be updated the instant something happens. It also displays when, where, and who received the parcel.

Besides, you won’t be charged extra for this service unless your parcel is of specialized nature or contains marketing stuff or promotional packages in which case, you will have to pay extra.

Final Thoughts

So, this was all from my side. I hope you all enjoyed reading through this article. I tried my best to provide you with all the information that I had relating to the USPS online service and how you can benefit from our website in this regard. It is really a very simple process, you just have to know the basics of how to go about it in the future. Just make sure that you don’t lose your tracking number because that will handicap you and you won’t be able to track your parcel.

In the end, I would like to list down some of the most prominent features of USPS tracking. It is an excellent and very useful online service that allows you to track your important emails. It reduces the chances of your mail getting lost in the process. Plus, it also gives you accurate and instant information about when your parcel will be delivered, when it was delivered, and to whom it was delivered.