Zim Integrated Shipping Services Ltd Customer Support Contact Details:-

Telephone Number: +972 4-865-2000
Contact Email: [email protected]
Usual Tracking Number Format: Prefixes GLSU, GSTU, JXLU, ZBXU, ZCLU, ZCSU, ZIMU, ZWFU and contains both digits and letters

About ZIM Shipping Lines

ZIM Container Tracking

International freight shipping solutions are provided by ZIM. It is a business called Zim Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. That is situated in Israel. The same business is a publicly traded entity and is one of 20 international carriers. The ZIM has two offices, one of which is in Haifa, Israel, the organization’s home country, and the other of which is located worldwide in Norfolk, Virginia, in North America. The business also conducted stock exchange trading in New York last year. 

When we discuss the ZIM’s beginnings, we find that on June 7, 1945, a Jewish organisation created it. In addition to the collaboration between Harris and Dixon, the first vessel was hauled in for business in 1947. The corporation was originally known as ZIM Palestine Navigation Firm when it was founded in 1945. However, once Israel was established in 1948, its name was changed to ZIM Israel Navigation Company Ltd.

But once ZIM included maritime operations and turned into a private firm, with Ofer Brothers Group owning 49% of ZIM’s shares, the title of this freight company altered once more. It now has branches in up to 100 different locations throughout the globe, with 4,200 people and up to 70 vessels.

How do I track my ZIM lines shipping?

The ZIM Lines Tracking service can be used to track your freight. Using this approach, you may track your order by simply keying a tracking ID into the appropriate field. You will get this information in the confirmation email from the service business. Wait a while after entering the number and selecting the track button before you can access the item’s real-time accessibility.