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Wndirect Customer Service

Contact Number: +44 1753 561262

Address: Windsor House, Millbrook Way, Colnbrook, Slough SL3 0HN, United Kingdom

Official Website: https://wndirect.com/

Wndirect Amazon, Ebay, Pitney Bowes

wnDirect is an online logistics company that delivers goods from Europe. After your package arrives, the delivery service will hand it over to a courier or postal company in whichever country they are delivered to- making sure you get what's ordered!

wnDirect is a great way to get your items shipped with the help of eBay. They offer international shipping, which means you can send packages all around the world! You'll be able to track their progress via an account on either wndirect or eBay depending upon where in production yours are being sent from since both services share information about package location at different points along its journey so if anything goes wrong you know immediately how far back our records go too by checking out what happened before this shipment left us - it's really convenient that way!

In addition to WNDirect, the logistics company Pitney Bowes participates in delivery. They provide tracking numbers for UPSAA* that allows you to track your package before it leaves America and gets transferred over into their system- after which a message pops up on eBay telling us our shipment has been transferred over with new info including what address we should use when checking online orders!

As soon as you enter your tracking number on WNDirect, it will be sent over to the postal service in your country. You can check out what information they have about where and when packages are being delivered with this new system!

Metapack eCommerce is a common delivery software used by wnDirect. The company assigns each package its own DM Consignment Code, which has the format DMC0C5B33BO4 or DMC0DCAWOO03 and it can also be used as an order tracking number to keep tabs on your packages when they arrive at their destination successfully!

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How do I track my WNDirect?

 Using the Easytrackings tracking service, you may keep track of WNDirect shipping status online. To track and trace the delivery status of your cargo, enter your courier tracking number above.

What is WNDirect shipping?

wnDirect is a logistics solution tailored to the demands of the eCommerce business. It's designed for retailers who want to ship packages to new and existing international markets.