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Support Timing: Monday – Sunday: 8 am – 01 am (EST)

About H&M

H&M Order Tracking

Hennes and Mauitz AB, also known as H&M, is a global business that advertises fashion lines. Stockholm serves as the corporate headquarters for this Swedish business. However, this firm is well-known for its quick-shipping, high-end apparel for men, women, and kids. In 2019, H&M operated in up to 74 territories and had more than 5,000 outlets under various brand names. H&M is also the second-largest retailer of apparel in the entire world.

If we go back in time, we can see that Erling Persson discovered it in 1947. It was a quiet cultural diversity. At that time, Erling Persson opened a store called Hennes in the Vasteras. The Swedish word for “hers” is hennes. In his store, he offered apparel for women. But in 1968, he bought Stockholm’s Mauitz Widforss, where the men ‘s clothing line was being sold. This is how the firm ‘s original name, “Hennes & Mauitz,” gradually became H&M.

There are already more than 5000 locations for this large company, which employs 126,376 people. The infrastructure and equipment that H&M offer are first-rate. HM Order Status is one of them and is useful for tracking your delivery.

How can I track my H&M order? 

An email notification will be sent to you when your package is prepared for shipping. A tracking url and ID will be provided in this email. When you wish to track goods from H&M, click on this tracking URL. Additionally, the tracking number can be used by entering it in the tracking field and clicking the track option. Create an H&M Merchant account as an additional way to track your order. After that, click on the order you would like to track in the Orders area. Any of these methods can be used to track orders for H&M.

Which companies does H&M use for shipping?

When the shipment is ready for shipping, H&M partners Estafeta, UPS, Hermes, Canada Post, and USPS receive it.

How long does it take H&M to ship your order?

The item will be shipped to you in only 2-4 days because H&M values quick delivery. Additionally, the business offers its services from Monday through Saturday, but, if there are any bank holidays, your package may arrive a bit later than usual.