About Veho

Veho Tacking

Veho is a Colorado-based logistics business that was established in 2016 to address a number of the most difficult delivery service problems. Such as getting your item robbed or missing it on the day of arrival.

Veho conducts business with eCommerce companies directly, providing them authority over your shipping procedures. Nevertheless, they don’t directly cater to the general marketplace. Customers who order items from businesses that are using Veho will be prompted to specify the time, location, and mode of delivery.

Veho offers service to a wide range of suppliers. Small cushioned envelopes, medium-sized containers, and occasionally oddly formed parcels are among the dimensions of the shipments. The weight of a shipment might fluctuate and reach above 40 pounds. Cash, tools, cards, money, gold, precious metals, original art, collectibles, one-of-a-kind products, furs, living animals, dangerous materials, body fluids, medicinal marijuana, and delicate items are not acceptable for delivery by Veho.