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UPS Freight, which is today a part of TForce Freight, was known as UPGF Freight. TForce Freight is a division of TFI Worldwide and is based in Richmond, Virginia. Up until 2006, the company was known by its previous name of Overnite Transport before being rebranded UPS Freight by its new operator, UPS. The company switched its title to TForce Freight after UPS decided to sell it to TFI in 2021.

With TForce Freight, you can rely on trustworthy transportation that is backed by a free day-definite, on-time commitment for your LTL deliveries. With their assured assistance, you can rely on them to meet all of your local, interstates, and long-distance traveling needs from a single, handy place. You can manage and track LTL deliveries, create digital shipment bills of lading, reconcile invoicing, and much more with UPS solutions such as UPS WorldShip®, UPS Payment System, and Quantum View®.

TForce Freight's extensive transport system, qualified personnel, and effective processes will ensure that your cargo is collected up and shipped on schedule.

The following facilities are offered:

dependable service backed by a no-questions-asked, on-time promise. You might be able to acquire long-haul, inter-regional, and local transportation with a single pickup. Almost 20,000 one- and two-day slots are available. Cross-continental services run every three to four days. technology for delivery, tracking, and billing that will improve one carrier's accountability. Local and international transportation services are also available.