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About Narvar

Narvar Tracking

Amit Sharma, a seasoned retail professional with a history at Apple, Walmart, and Williams-Sonoma in logistics management, started Narvar in 2012. Since then, they have managed approximately 125 million customers (and growing) in over 7 billion contacts, 38 different countries, and 55 different languages through their locations in North America, European countries, and the Asia Pacific.

They combine skills in online shopping, order fulfillment, client service, and advanced analytics to assist retailers in building a global customer experience on a complete, seamless, and accessible system. Everything is done with the intention of turning customers into supporters. Help your patients concentrate on what is most essential in their lives: their wellness. With Narvar’s self-serve refund system, you can handle guarantees, maintenance, and refunds as simply as imaginable. If they purchased something in a shop or digitally, customers can begin a partial refund online. Provide as numerous return options as you can to your clients, including mail, curbside, in-store, and Narvar’s 75,000+ refund sites.

By utilizing your current online checkout procedure, the system of outlets helps you to increase conversions, reduce transportation expenses, and prevent parcel fraud. Services from Narvar Valet give you the ability to streamline client interactions while also giving you significant cost savings while expanding your actual physical presence. 

Their technology is transforming billions of engagements throughout every touch point: Smartphone, Mail, Text, Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant, Audio, and more—from simple purchase tracking and quick notifications to seamless refunds and client assistance. 

How do I track my Narvar package?

Just put your tracking number in the above field. The automatic system of easytrackings will show all the details about your package.

Does Narvar use FedEx?

Although they don’t transport your goods, they collaborate with over 300 companies around the globe, like UPS, FedEx, DHL, and your regional postal agency, to give you the most recent update in a clear style.