Easy trackings is an automatic tracking system that helps you to track SFC logistics status online. To get shipping details, please enter your SFC order tracking number in our track and trace tool.

SFC Logistics Customer Service

Official Website:

Contact Number: +86 400-881-8106

About Send From China SFC

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SFC is one of the leading logistics companies in China. It offers a comprehensive solution for import/export shipping with China fulfillment services to B2C E-Commerce merchants. They cover Eastern and Southern territories in China by serving more than 60,000 users who send 300K pcs daily from their end - all while maintaining outstanding customer service.

SFC is an international logistics company that specializes in cross-border eCommerce. They started out as a shipping agent, helping companies ship products from China at discounted rates, and soon expanded their business by including warehousing services for manufacturers looking to import goods from there too. To date, they maintain fulfillment centers across three countries: Shenzhen (China), Hong Kong, Dongguan.

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Their warehouse is a well-organized, efficient place to store your product. They have over 200000 sq meters of space and they use it efficiently with their high-quality shelving units. The items that cost more money are stored separately from low-quality goods in order for you as the customer not to be disappointed when they eventually wear out or break after just one time using them.

Their fulfillment center is the beating heart of the business. They have a very quick turnaround time so that the customers get their products in optimal condition, with free void fill materials for extra protection against damages during international shipment and barcode technology at every stage. Every day they handle 200k+ orders with a capacity of 500k orders handling capacity overall. They always make sure that no shipment is left out by using first-in/first-out packing systems on all straps or bands.

How do I track my SFC order?

 Using the Easytrackings tracking service, you may keep track of SFC Order status online. To track and trace the delivery status of your cargo, enter your courier tracking number in our tracking tool.

How long does SFC take to deliver?

The average delivery time for any region in Asia is 2–4 days using normal shipping methods. The delivery period for the rest of the globe is 3 to 5 business days. The SFC delivery time ranges from 24 to 48 hours when using express shipping methods.