Easy trackings is an automatic tracking system that helps you to track Asurion shipments online. To get your order details, please enter your Asurion tracking number in our track and trace tool.

Asurion Customer Support


How to track and file a claim

File A Claim

First of all, you have to provide your carrier then the device make and model,
Next write in detail what happened to your device,
Enter your billing and shipping address,
Provide your payment method for the deductible.

As soon as you have submitted the device claim, you will receive an email with shipping details and tracking information for your replacement device.

Track A Claim

After you have filed your claim, you can track it 24/7.

About Asurion

asurion shipment tracking

Asurion, LLC is the top provider of smartphone insurance in America founded in 1994 and headquartered in Nashville Tennessee. It is a private company that provides insurance for smartphones and tablets as well as other electronics. In 2014 they had about 19000 employees serving 280 million customers worldwide in14 countries with 49 offices.

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How long does it take for Asurion to deliver?

Make a claim and track its progress online. Meanwhile, their specialists will get to work. If you need a replacement phone, you won't have to wait long; they dispatch 96% of replacement handsets the next business day*.