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Contact Number: 707 26 26 26

About CTT Shipping Tracking

CTT Tracking

CTT is a business that collaborates with Portugal’s postal service on both a local and global basis. Lisbon serves as the corporate headquarters for this Portuguese-based business. It has various affiliates that provide financial, postal, and e-commerce operations. CTT was established in 1520 during the Reformation by King Manuel of Portugal as the oldest and most prominent firm. The company has kept providing its services across the entire nation since that time to the present.

The real name of the business is Correios, Telegrafos e Telefones, which translates to “Post, Telegraph, and Telephone” in English. The Portuguese Provinces selected the company. But in 1991, it changed its legal status to that of a public limited company. Moreover, in December 2013, Euronext Lisbon floated the CTT shares. Additionally, it began offering mobile phone-related assistance in 2007 under the Phone-ix brand name. Sadly, the company shut down on January 1, 2019.

The corporation was once more privatised by the Portuguese administration in order to raise money and fulfil loan terms from the European Union.

Nevertheless, the organization’s advanced and well-organized administration allows it to provide its excellent service. For the benefit of the consumers’ comfort and assistance, it includes several capabilities integrated. Customers can track their packages using the trustworthy CTT tracking feature.

How do I track a CTT in Portugal?

You must use the tracking number to verify the progress of your package with CTT Portugal. After the goods have been shipped, you can obtain this ID from the business. You can view the product’s real-time accessibility as soon as you have the number. Take note of the phone number in the email you got from CTT. In the tracking box shown above, get the number and paste it. Next, select the track icon that is next to the box. Following the procedure, CTT Portugal will immediately show you the tracking information for your delivery.

How long does CTT shipping take?

Portugal’s delivery possibilities rely on the choices you make when completing an order. Additionally, it depends on the nations you select. Normal mail and Premium Mail are the two different types of mail forwarding solutions. The corporation ships packages by ordinary mail in 3 days to Europe and 7 days to the entire world. Expedited mail, however, completes the sending process more quickly than the earlier one. Additionally, it offers postal services on weekends from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.