Estenson Logistics Customer Support:-

Phone number: (480) 940-8800 / (480) 940-8802
Contact Email: [email protected]
Office Address: 560 West Brown Road, Suite 3001 Mesa, AZ 85201

About Estenson Logistics

Estenson Logistics was founded in 1999 to become the best specialist logistics firm in the region. Tim Estenson and Paul Truman drew their company plan on a napkin while resting at a coffee house and dreaming up Estenson Logistics. With Tim's concept and Paul's business experience, success ought to have been straightforward. However, realising that goal turned out to be a challenging task.

Tim invested all he had in his company because he was determined to see it succeed. People started to show their excitement for this brand-new logistics service provider, and businesses jumped on board right away. One of the top multifunctional providers in North America, Hub Group, acquired Estenson Transportation in 2017, and it now operates under the Hub Group brand. 

Since 1999, Hub Group has committed to creating a standard in which they give their clients the absolute best in dedicated freight forwarding. This culture has been achieved through the provision and upkeep of a number of essential components that guarantee adherence to their goal. 

They hope to naturally develop into your business. Their entire line of logistics solutions can be completely tailored to match your specific requests and specifications. Being a SmartWay Transportation member will help them enhance power performance by reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, so they are happy about that. Since 2008, Hub Group Dedicated has saved more than 123,000 thousand gallons of gasoline, cutting CO2 emissions each mile by 92 grammes. Additionally, they offer continuous real-time tracking of your package.

How do it track Estenson Logistics?

On the Easytrackings online platform, you can track and trace your shipment. All you need to do is enter your tracking number in the space above. The full history of your order will be displayed. In addition, you can visit their official site to access all the details of your order.