MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company Customer Support

Phone Number: +81 345895290

Email: [email protected]

Head office Address: Ark Mori Building 23F, 1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato-Ku, JP – 107-6023 TOKYO

MEDU Container Tracking Number Format

The most typical tracking number, which is either written on the invoice or provided to you through email, has 11 numbers that begin with alphabets.

E.g. ABCD7654321

About MEDU (MSC)

MSC Container Tracking

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Firm (MSC) is a global container shipping firm. With a presence in 155 nations, MSC links the world’s rising industries with the world’s fastest-growing emerging economies around the globe. The Aponte family founded it in 1970, and it has had its main office in Geneva, Switzerland since 1978. From a one-ship operation, MSC has grown into a multinational company with over 100,000 employees and a network of 600 ships. 

MSC provides products and solutions to regional users, clients, and global commercial associates. The organization takes pleasure in offering international services with localized knowledge since it has exposure to a comprehensive worldwide network of capacities for train, land, and marine freight. MSC guarantees that customers can communicate immediately with their representatives and use a range of e-business options for fully digitized freight reservations through a system of 524 locations. MSC is a major driving factor behind the advancement of digital vessels in their sector, and by meeting the demands of their clients, they have helped to establish a new benchmark for smart shipping. 

It delivers about 23 million TEU (twenty-foot approximate units) with a new fleet furnished with the newest ecological systems, making 500 port visits annually on 230+ shipping routes. So, over decades, their businesses have expanded to cover logistical, rural shipping, and an expanding range of interests in port terminals. They still stay loyal to their origins now and strive to develop and build meaningful, lasting connections with consumers of all shapes and sizes.

Which shipping line is Medu?

The prefix MEDU appears on vessels from MSC Mediterranean Freight Company.

What is MSC tracking?

Anyone can track and trace all of their consignments with MSC in real-time by putting the Master Bill of Lading number into the easytrackings web tracker. After a while, a page will be displayed carrying your information. For more info, please visit the company’s official website.