Shelba D Johnson Trucking inc (SDJ Trucking Company) Customer Support:

Phone Support number: 800-777-2583
Email Address: [email protected]

About Shelba Johnson

Shelba Johnson Trucking Tracking

Utilizing their solutions puts you in a winning partnership! Shelba D. Johnson Trucking, Inc. guarantees the greatest quality in their distribution locations, which encompass the whole eastern United States and Texas when you export your equipment through them. Their goal is to transport your freight on schedule and in perfect condition, assisting you in managing your storage needs while you complete sales and increase your income stream.

Shelba D. Johnson operates out of 2 facilities in Thomasville and Archdale, North Carolina. For pickup and distribution, their network of over 170 vehicles is in use. For shipments, they additionally oversee an estimated 80 devoted owner-operators. Their vehicle fleet includes over 450 trucks, all of which have air-ride technology for seamless, damage-free travel.

The CEO and founder of SDJ Trucking, Inc., is Joe Wade. He adheres to the philosophy of serving others how he wants to be served. Their company was founded on consumer service because they understood that, in order to maintain an effective flow of goods from producer to store, clients needed a long-term connection with a carrier.

They have grown over the years and now offer furniture manufacturer and wholesaler pick-up in a variety of states, particularly those outside of their typical service areas. Through collaborative relationships, they are able to source furniture more widely across the United States and provide appropriate delivery.