Master Air Courier Customer Care

You can fill out a form on the Master Air unit‘s webpage under the “contact us” link with your details and feedback and send it to them. You can use the below information to get in touch with them at their workplace:

Phone number: +88-02-223353396-97

Email Address: [email protected]

Register office Address: 28/1/C, Toynbee Circular Road, Rahmania International Complex, 1st Floor, Room # F-23, Dhaka-1000.

About Master Air

Master Air Tracking

Since its founding in 1999, Master Air Express Co., Ltd. Has assisted customers with their transportation needs. They are in charge of shipping the customers’ belongings and data around the globe.

Additionally, Master Air offers trustworthy and qualified transportation solutions to corporate customers who want to be economical. Companies may rely on Master Air to make deliveries with the highest efficiency because they are the finest at global transportation of their sort.

Worldwide air freight shipping is offered by Master Air. They offer affordable options that are wholly focused on a rapid and efficient transportation procedure, open dialogue, multimodal transportation, and centralization.

Master Air also functions as a border control brokerage, advising its clients on how to declare consignments to border checks and border authorities. These clients include exporting and importing companies. They guarantee that the cargo arrives at the destination without incident. With the help of Master Air’s international express, all solution businesses are guaranteed on-time delivery of their goods to clients anywhere in the universe.


The goal of Master Air is to go far beyond what is expected of them when transporting goods and data for clients around the globe. Master Air offers air freight, client brokerage, and international express solutions to fulfill this purpose. 

With these offerings, Master Air offers facilities for the air delivery of goods and files, client brokerages to assist their clients with duties and taxes, and procedures so that their shipments can pass through border control with no issues, and globally express facilities to guarantee the punctuality and efficiency of the delivery suppliers.


Master Air provides a variety of offerings, all of which can be found on their webpage under the services category. They offer tracking, international shipping and import solutions, border checks, air and sea freight assistance, and international local facilities.

Master Air can export items to more than 220 nations around the globe before the closing date or on the quickest day imaginable, so if you need to ship anything quickly, they’ve got this ability.

Due to international importing solutions, you can import everything from more than 100 nations. The box will be picked up at the point of beginning and delivered to your door as part of these activities, and a receipt in your domestic currency will be provided. Master Air enables importing simply by allowing you to complete the entire procedure with simply one email that includes your importing requirements.

At a lower cost, Master Air offers the importing procedure combined with international processing through immigration clearance solutions at a lower cost. Transportation of the imported products or documentation from door to door is also included in this. No size or quantity restrictions apply when Master Air transports big, odd, or heavy objects within the globe by air, land, or ocean.

Last but not least, Master Air offers all kinds of services on a global scale, including nationwide documentation and item transport and pickup solutions. You can select the date you would like the item to be collected and shipped using the time-specific choices included here.


Clients can receive deliveries from Master Air both domestically and abroad, and they are always quick and on time. You can pick between air, land, or sea transportation effortlessly. If you have a big, hefty item that needs to be transported right away, you might need to use the road, the sea, or the air.

The receiver will receive your merchandise securely at their door thanks to the Master Air delivery technology. Additionally, due to their distribution technique, where your box is managed to be picked up at the beginning and brought to you at your time, importing an item is also feasible.

If the goods are being transported domestically, Master Air makes sure to respect the precise time that you have specified for both the item’s pickup and distribution.

Master Tracking

With the use of the master tracking number, you may find out the precise date and place of delivery if you need to have the parcel shipped quickly to you or the intended destination. You will receive a shipment number and payment information when you book your package.

You should use the consignment number you receive to trace the delivery of your items or papers. You may receive all the information about your box by inserting the tracking number on their “track your shipment” page. In order to avoid making you wait needlessly, it will also provide the date and time of distribution.

How do I track master air express?

Put your tracking number above in the tracking box. All the information related to your order will be shown. For more information please visit their official website.