Bath & Body Works Direct, Inc. Customer Support Section:-

Phone Number: 1-800-756-5005 (TDD 1-877-215-5245)
Contact Email: Nothing Found
Mailing or Letter Support Address: 7 Limited Parkway East, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

About Bath and Body Works: 

Bath and Body Works, LLC is a well-known American retailer that sells candles, soaps, creams, and other beauty products. In 1990, Bath and Body Works was established in New Albany, Ohio. It’s now been established on all six continents. It eventually grew to be the largest bath business brand in America.

In 1990, this firm ‘s initial location was established in Cambridge, Massachusetts. But in 1997, this corporation also introduced a subsidiary brand domestically. After two years, the business established White Barn Candle Company as a new venture. The sale of fragrant candles was the focus of this new business. The retailer also opened outlets in Canada. 

Up to 1,900 Bath and Body Services locations exist today. The business established its first location outside of North America in Kuwait in 2010. Individuals from all over the globe can purchase Bath and Body Works goods through online retailers. After that, you can use the tracker service to follow the progress of your on-site purchase. 

How can I track my order from Bath and Body Works?

Utilizing easytrackings tracking box, you can follow the progress of your order for Bath & Body products. You will be given a tracking ID by the business in the confirmation email. Obtain this ID, then type it into the tracking box. Then after, select the word “track,” and your item will be available for tracking there.

Why does Bath and Body Works take a long time to ship a parcel?

Bath and Body Services often fulfills the order within the allotted period. Call 1-877-832-9272 if your item hasn’t arrived after a maximum of seven days or appears to be missing.