Sagawa Express Customer Care

Phone number: 050-3032-9151

Head Office: 68 Tsunoda-cho, Kamitoba, Minami-ku, Kyoto, Japan

Tokyo Head Office: 2-2-8 Shinsuna, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Sagawa Courier Tracking Number Format

If you need to track your Sagawa Courier order, you can do so using a tracking number. This number is generally 10–12 digits long and can be found on the receipt given to you at the time of package pickup.

E. G. 1234-5678-9101

About Sagawa Logistics

Sagawa Express Tracking

On November 24, 1965, Sagawa Express Co., Ltd. Was established and shipped its first shipment between Kyoto and Osaka. Ever since they have consistently delivered the goods requested by our customers after receiving the “hikyaku no Kokoro” from their creator. On November 24, 1965, the business was officially incorporated.

They have 58,527 devoted workers with years of expertise performing for them. They have a network of 26673 automobiles, mainly minivans. It seeks to enhance door-to-door delivery solutions and provide full logistics-related services. 

They offer recommendations for the entire special freight transport procedure, from estimates to shipment, covering big heavy goods, chilled and cooled cargo, and medicines. In addition to transporting large, heavy goods from abroad, they also provide a variety of additional services tailored to your requirements, such as packaging and loading. They can assist with storage, manufacturing, and distributing temperature-controlled commodities as well as exporting and importing them. Additionally, they offer numerous modes of transportation, such as trains, boats, and airplanes. 
They accept cash for the package on behalf of the client using their payment-on-delivery option (cod). It is possible to pay using cash, a credit card, or a debit card when the package is delivered. The company eliminates the hassle of subscription enrollment and provides lower card processing costs.


Express delivery solutions are provided by Sagawa Courier both domestically and internationally. They are mindful of the diverse needs of their customers. 

Their TMS (Transportation Management System) is an excellent tool for moving your products forward and growing your business. They will design distinctive, practical delivery strategies based on the precise needs of your business. By strengthening Sagawa’s skills and expanding their current charter solutions, private reservation, and direct deliveries, they have created new customized solutions.

 The first specialized transportation solution in the marketplace, Smart Delivery addresses many of the issues that crop up throughout delivery, depending on the requirements of the client.

The cargo of each client is recognized by a special identifier that Smart Deliveries offers. By using the information from the special code you input on a PDT, you may instantly check the number of goods scheduled for shipment the following day (portable data terminal). 
They offer complete assistance all the way through the overall process, covering distribution channels from manufacturers and providers located outside the country to regional storage sites, distribution procedures, shipping services, immigration clearing, warehouse management, and Japanese shipping. 
The GOAL team offers comprehensive 3PL solutions that combine the firm's nationwide transport system with warehousing and delivery procedures in association with the Sagawa Express group of enterprises. 
Sagawa SRC, a site created in collaboration among Sagawa sales outlets and depots, offers reduced lead times for deliveries and extended deadlines for shipments, which is advantageous to shippers.

How do I track Sagawa?

Easytrackings is a platform that helps you to track and trace your shipment. Simply type your tracking number in the above tracking system. The system will show you the latest information about your order. For more details please visit their official website.

What time does Sagawa deliver until?

Your packages will be delivered within 24 to 48 hours locally. It requires 3 to 8 days to be delivered worldwide.