Correos Mexicanos (Servicio Postal Mexicano) Customer Support :-

Telephone Number: (55) 5340 3300
Contact Email: [email protected]

About Mexico Post

Mexico Post Tracking

The Mexican Post was established in 1878 with the goal of joining the UPU. Following that, they established their first postal laws and regulations. These guidelines were altered with the introduction of the second postal code; this business now serves the 98c/o Mexican Republic postal demands. Additionally, the organization has more than 15,000 associates and up to 29,000 locations spread throughout more than 28,000 land routes. In any case, Mexico Post and its affiliates provide high-caliber solutions. As a result, they deliver their package distribution channels in Mexico on time.

In addition, the firm’s exceptional, cutting-edge features enable Mexico Post to be the most dependable and effective. The company worked on its package forwarding solutions and put the necessary elements in place, which is why. This makes it the best postal system in the nation because of the high-quality services provided at the lowest possible cost, as well as the Mexico Post Tracking service. Without doing too much, you may now follow your package.

How does one track their mail by Mexican Post? 

Anybody can monitor their package using a Pro or Tracking number provided by the business. Following the shipment of your item, you will receive this id. This number will be sent to you through email; enter it in the tracking field above, then click the track icon. You may view the tracking information there.

What company in Mexico does USPS use?

The government postal company of Mexico is called Correos de Mexico, once known as Service Postal Mexicano.