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Phone Support number: 912.963.5502
Email Address: [email protected]
Address: 2 Main St, Garden City GA 31408, USA
Operated By: Georgia Ports Authority

About Garden City Terminal

Garden City Terminal Container Tracking

Since 1945, commerce in products and services has been drawn to Georgia's ports, boosting the local economy and bringing benefits to all Georgians. The Georgia Ports Authority is committed to giving consumers one of the nation's most reliable and legitimate port facilities and to offering opportunities for trade and employment for 9.7 million Georgians. In order to move cargo more swiftly, the GPA is committed to maintaining its economic edge by creating cutting-edge technologies in marketing and logistics. The officials are also putting a lot of effort into figuring out what needs to be done right away to assure future growth, effectiveness, and safety.

Georgia's main docks in Savannah and Brunswick, as well as inland sites at Chatsworth, Bainbridge, and Columbus, serve as the state's borders. They are the essential pipes that move things to and from locations throughout the world, including raw resources. A 13-member executive board, which serves as a state authority, oversees the GPA. Board members are chosen by the president to serve staggered four-year terms. A Chief Executive Officer who is a skilled specialist in global freight implements policy objectives, administrative work, and administrative controls.

One of the biggest public employers in the state, the GPA employs roughly 1,300 qualified logistics professionals. Contrarily, the GPA is in charge of substantially more job growth throughout the state. Together with private industry port-related industries, GPA businesses generate more than $25 billion in revenue annually, support roughly 440,000 employment nationwide, and generate $106 billion in sales. The biggest single carrier facility in North America, the Port of Savannah is comprised of two contemporary Deepwater terminals: Garden City Terminal and Ocean Terminal. Collectively, these facilities demonstrate the GPA's strict productivity and quality controls. With over 1,200 acres and millions of tonnes of container-based freight carried annually, Garden City Terminal is the fourth major container processing site in the country.

How do I track Garden City terminal container?

Using the web tracker provided by easytracking, you may track and trace your container. Simply enter your tracking number in the box above to get started. All of the information pertaining to your order will be shown by the automatic system. Visit their official website for more information.