DPD Inc., Customer Care;

Website:  http://www.dpd.co.uk/ 

Contact Number:  +44 845 9 300 350 

About DPD: 

A business that offers global package transportation solutions is called Dynamic Parcel Distribution (DPD). Brazil, Europe, South Africa, Asia, and many other nations are among those where the DPD provides its operations. The business also has its headquarters in France and focuses mostly on the expedited road-based sector. The French Postal Service manages La Poste, the global parcel transit system. Chronopost was first created in 1985, according to Le Poste. Nevertheless, in order to grow their fast transportation and package delivery businesses, Le Groupe Poste formed Geo Poste in 1999.

Following that, GeoPoste began to purchase a number of facilities connected to transit providers in the European markets in 2000. In order to continue growing, it acquired Parceline, an Irish and British package delivery service, in 2000. GeoPost eventually changed its name to DPD ( Dynamic Parcel Distribution). The DPD group has now introduced a variety of solutions to meet consumer requirements.

The UK Population has a wide range of opportunities. You have the choice of selecting DPD 10:30, DPD noon, Saturday, Sunday, or the following day service. You can use DPD to quickly and securely transport your cargo anywhere on the globe, not just in Europe. The transport and storage network are fully incorporated with suitable logistics capabilities.

How can you track your DPD order?

By browsing the DPD webpage and selecting the “Track Your Parcel” option, which is placed in the upper right corner next to the webpage header, you may track your package. You can now input the DPD reference number. Visit customer service for assistance if there hasn’t been an update in the last couple of days following delivery.

How do I check my DPD parcel tracking with the tracking number?

The tracking number and reference number are both used similarly. You will receive this id in the confirmation email. Visit this email, copy the ID, and then type it into the tracking form above. The tracking information will then show up on the display after pressing the track option.

How long does DPD take to ship a package?

For package delivery in the UK, DPD needs 1-2 days. On the other hand, DPD only needs 2-4 business days to transport the package to the USA. Nevertheless, in the situation of other nations, the length of time varies depending on the nation and quantity of the item. A little delay may also be brought on by poor weather and government holidays.