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Business hours: Monday-Saturday 9:00-18:00 (National Holidays not included.)

Phone Number: 86 21 32107646/ 86 21 32107713

400 126 0008(China mainland)/ 852 30183458(HKSAR)

E-Mail[email protected]

Orange Connex Limited

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Orange United is a leading provider of technology services to global e-commerce companies. They combine market research, system development, and integration resources in order to provide customers with comprehensive solutions for cross-border logistics management. They also offer other services such as big data analysis or financial consulting on top of their already established shipping business.

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As one of the largest e-commerce companies in China, CITIC Industry Fund is always looking for ways to expand its reach. That's why they established Orange Alliance with industry leader eBay; together these two groups bring years of experience that can provide logistics services like quick delivery at affordable prices.
The logistics company is well-known for their customer services and they help both sellers as well as buyers with fast, stable, cost-effective solutions. With an aim to provide users high-quality service experiences that are considerate of time, leading visibility in this field has allowed them to achieve these goals effectively.

For international packages, the one-stop SpeedPAK tracking service provided by Orange Connex has an average delivery time of 8 to 12 days with 5 being shortest and 18 being longest. The fastest way to arrive in America is on day five!

The service seamlessly integrates with eBay to provide a seller-friendly platform that not only provides access for sellers but also facilitates the management of their business. With this integration, there are no more logistically complicated tasks at hand.

The current coverage includes five major markets including the United States, UK & Germany as well 41 European countries. Expansion plans include expanding into emerging marketplaces in order to create complete logistics solutions tailored specifically toward eCommerce companies.

How do I track my orange Connex?

 Using the Easytrackings tracking service, you may keep track of Orange Connex package status online. To track and trace the delivery status of your cargo, enter your courier tracking number above.

How long does it take for Orange Connex to arrive?

The Orange-Connex one-stop international SpeedPAK tracking delivery service has a typical delivery time of 8 to 12 days, with 5 days being the quickest way to arrive in the U.S.