DIFF Eyewear Customer Support

Contact Number: 310-354-5929

Main Office Address: 19701 Hamilton Ave Ste 260 Torrance, CA 90502, United States

About DIFF Eyewear

An American company selling glasses and blue light-blocking eyeglasses online is called DIFF Eyewear. The business is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Zach Gordan, Chad Jernigan, and Chad Dime founded DIFF in 2014 with the intention of producing stylish eyeglasses at an inexpensive price. While working as rivals in the eyeglass sector at concerts and festivals, the 3 co-founders discovered that their abilities might be more effectively utilised by working together.

The firm’s motto, “Making a Real Difference” with their eyeglasses, inspired the moniker “DIFF.” Similar to TOMS, they follow a “buy one, give one” philosophy whereby they provide a pair of reading eyeglasses or pay for an eye test for a person who requires each pair of shades they sell. Over 400,000 people have benefited from their assistance and that of their colleagues at Restoring Vision.

DIFF launched the Sabo initiative in 2017, working with Ugandan tailors to create bags for sunglasses. The tailors receive money from the sale of the wallets. They have many services that accommodate every client. One of the key services is their tracking system. You can easily track and trace your shipments online.

How long does it take DIFF eyewear to ship?

All orders typically take between 24 and 48 hours to process before being shipped using the delivery method that was chosen at checkout.

Is DIFF eyewear legit?

According to the majority of excellent feedback, customers adore the design and fitting of their glasses. Many claim the polarised or reflected features are well worth the extra cost and that their prescription is spot on.