CPC Logistics Ltd Customer Support

Phone number: +91 824 2405159 / 2405264 / 2406092
Contact Email: [email protected]
Office Address: C/O Canara Workshop Ltd, Door No.17-110 (p), V S Kudva Rd, Maroli-575005

About CPC Logistics

Established in 1914, CPC Logistics Ltd. is a key truck and courier transportation company in South India as well as some regions of North and West India. They would like to promote themselves as being one of the top courier service providers in the country, with offices all over the nation. They have an administrative building in Mangalore and employ skilled staff to give their clients the best assistance possible. With their extensive network of facilities in all major towns and cities, they offer the finest to their customers. They are innovators in the automotive industry.

In order to satisfy the demands of its beloved clients, CPC Logistics has made a concerted effort to maintain a superior standard of service. In their capacity as suppliers of local parcel services, they are capable of moving everything throughout India, from little household items to entire containers, to huge equipment and commercial commodities. They function through a system of about 9000 functional sites and 750 outlets in the four states of Tamilnadu, Kerala,  Andhra Pradesh,Karnataka, and the Union Territory of Pondicherry, covering all significant economic hubs and towns as well as tiny villages. CPC Logistics Ltd. has consistently given its clients value by using innovative and economical tactics. 

They have been working in the postal service sector for approximately ten years. CPC Logistics has established itself as the industry leader in providing a reliable and secure network for the delivery of packages. Excellent on-time service is provided to all of their clients by their team of knowledgeable supply chain specialists. In addition to industrial equipment and machinery, rubber and plastic products, retail items, paper goods, durable consumer products, metals, electronics, and pharmaceuticals, they carry a wide variety of cargo for a wide number of industries. Due to this blend of expertise and customer support, CPC Logistics has been able to establish numerous long-term, service-focused relationships with its clients.

What is CPC tracking?

A mechanism for tracking packages online is called CPC tracking. To track a package with easytrackings, simply enter your tracking number in the box above. Your courier's complete information will be displayed. Please visit their official website for additional information.

What carrier is CPC?

CPC Logistics is a pioneer in general commodity over-the-road parcel delivery in India. The company was founded in 1914.