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Phone Number: 800-725-7822
Contact Email: [email protected]

About Alex and Ani

In 2004, Carolyn Rafaelian started the business. The name is a combination of the first initials of Rafaelian's two girls. When the firm made apple jewellery for Gwyneth Paltrow's granddaughter Apple in 2004, it became well-known across the country and had numerous requests for similar items. The business has begun collaborating with regional organizations to produce distinctive goods and contribute a portion of the sales to charity organizations. The company's claim at the time read: "Bangle bands, pendants, earrings, and rings that adorn the face, illuminate the mind, and energies the spirit." In 1966, the business started producing jewellery in a building that Rafaelian's father built, using only American-made components.

In 2009, the first Alex and Ani shop opened in Newport, and both national high-street shops and local merchants sold the items. The company announced in September 2018 that it would deliver some of its merchandise direct to consumers and through distributors. It aimed to generate 75 to 80 percent of its revenue from stores and digitally by March 2020, for a total of 50 percent. The company claims that by the end of the following year, it plans to open 25 to 30 additional new outlets.

They think about what is in their accessories as much as they do about anything that is not. They use reusable resources to create their products. By collaborating with producers in Rhode Island, their home state, they can keep a close eye on product characteristics. Since practically all of Alex and Ani's jewellery is made in the United States, their metals are completely nickel-free and put through a very rigorous testing process. With all of these resources, they provide a special service that lets you track and trace your package online. 

How do I track my Alex and Ani order?

By using the online tracker on easytracking, you can keep an eye on your package. Entering your order number is easy with our tracking tool. Your parcel's complete information will be shown. When you placed an order with them, a confirmation email was sent to you. This email contains the order number. Please visit their official website for additional information.

How long does Alex and Ani take to ship?

Processing usually takes 3-5 working days before an item leaves their warehouse. The shipping and transportation process could take up to 10 business days. No items can be purchased on Sundays or federal holidays.