Action Express Customer Support:-

Telephone Number: 1-877-890-3278
Head Office Address : 1601 – 13 Street Nisku, Alberta T9E 0Y2

About Action Express

With five trucks, Action Express began operations in March 1993. Along with their lease owners and clients, they have expanded to a fleet of 100 trucks in a diverse range of sizes. Edmonton’s biggest commercial courier company is called Action Express. They have a substantial edge in delivering prompt service because they have three times as many trucks as the majority of competitors in the market.

Every day, Action Express offers express shipping operations in Edmonton, Nisku, Leduc, and other locations. They transport goods across Canada with their hotshot service, which is available around the clock. They offer timely and cost-effective delivery of everything from tractor-trailer loads to envelopes. Action’s team works relentlessly around the clock to make sure your shipments are made as quickly and affordably as possible. Since their crew treats their clients like family, they are aware that they will go above and beyond for them. The complete pleasure of their clients is our end objective at Action!

 Additionally, they have a top-notch tracking system. When you order anything from the company, you are eager to know your package arrival time and exact location. Once you receive your tracking number from the company via email, enter it on the above tracker. You will be informed of the latest info about your package. 

What Services Are Provided?

  1. Regular Service - 4 hour
    This option is available up to 3 pm, this is chosen when the shipper is confident the receiver will be open at least 4 hours after placing the order. If we do attempt the delivery within the 4 hour time frame and the customer is closed then a second attempt will be charge to the delivery.
    1.1. Regular Next Day OK This option is available for orders that do not have to go within the same day of booking. This gives our dispatcher the option to either attempt the move that day or save it for next day delivery before noon. Choosing this option does not incur second attempt charges if we try the same day and the receiver is closed.
  2. Rush Service - 2 hours
  3. Double Rush Service - 1.5 hours
  4. Direct Service - 1 hour