ABT Limited Contact Details

Customer Support Phone number: 1800 425 2675
Contact Email: [email protected]
Corporate Office Address: 180, Race Course Road, Coimbatore-641018, India

About ABT

ABT began operations as a package transportation service in India in 1921. The firm started out with 21 vehicles in 1931 and eventually expanded to 150 buses as time went on. 110 pathways are served by these buses in the Coimbatore area. Then, thereafter, other ABT locations in India began to emerge at different times. In eight states ( Kerala, Gujarat, Tamilnadu, Pondicherry, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, and Maharashtra), the corporation produced more than 500 facilities.

However, regional offices have a large number of facilities that can be used for efficient supply chain operations. Due to the firm’s extensive network of transportation personnel, customers really shouldn’t bother about supply times. These representatives safely and promptly deliver your work. Experts assist you with the particular field of work of the machine in accordance with your shipment. Your difficulties are solved by a group of diligent and skilled individuals who are committed to upholding your expectations. 

Digital procedures are used in all ABT divisions to manage a complex system. The system has accurate information about your reservation, item organization, shipments, etc. Additionally, the ABT parcel service tracking will allow you to follow the progress of your item.

How can I track my ABT parcel service? 

You can utilize the ABT tracking option to track your package via ABT. The tracking number you will get once your item arrives is the primary element you will require in order to use this function. You will always find a tracking or PRO id in the email address. You can get the number from your mail by going there. Visit this site and enter the number in the tracker field shown above. In the region of the box, click the track icon. After a slight pause, the information will appear on the screen. Track the progress of your package after that.