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About Fedex Freight

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With a projected revenue of $8.9 billion in 2021, FedEx Freight will be the largest less-than-truckload (LTL) freight operator in the world. It offers LTL delivery services as well as other kinds of transportation within the US and Canada. After purchasing local US LTL carrier American Freightways in 2002, FedEx formed FedEx Freight as a fully owned subsidiary of AF, renamed FedEx Freight East, and FedEx's regional economic LTL operation, Viking Freight, renamed FedEx Freight West (AF). Caliber Viking was a Caliber associate when FedEx acquired Caliber in 1998. In 2006, Watkins Motor Lines, a national LTL carrier with its headquarters in Lakeland, Florida, was acquired by FedEx, and the company was renamed FedEx National LTL. Prior to forming FedEx Freight Inc. with its owner, all three were operated as separate FedEx Freight companies in January 2010.

Early in 1971, Frederick W. Smith, a Yale University graduate, founded the business in Little Rock as Federal Express Corporation, Arkansas. He first put forth the company’s concept in a writing task at Yale, which called for a system that was obviously designed for emergency deliveries. Smith continued despite his lecturer’s criticism. He began his official duties in 1973 and later moved to Memphis. Smith noted that his choice was influenced by several factors, including how near Memphis International Airport is to the city state’s typical populated region and the absence of significant extreme weather.

On their first day of operation, they provided 186 packages. Nowadays, they send millions of shipments around the world every day. Their growth was fueled by cooperation and imagination. They are guided there by their dedication to offering first-rate customer service. Each of their independent operating companies has distinct possibilities and technical skills, from delivering to more than 200 countries worldwide, to providing strong supply chain expertise, to creating cutting-edge technology solutions.

Can you track FedEx freight?

You can track and trace your order by visiting the trackingsinfo website. Simply put your order tracking number in the above box. All the information related to your order will be shown within no time. For more details please visit FedEx Freight official website.

How many digits is a FedEx freight tracking number?

Their tracking number consist of 12 digits and it is written on the confirmation slip or it is sent to you via email address.