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WillFreight EXPRESS CARGO SERVICES was established in 1995 to provide customers throughout the globe with freight supply chain alternatives. Their main office is located at The Aerospace Logistics Centre (TALC) at Wilson Airport, and they have field offices in JKIA and Mombasa. On the earth's surface, every major town and seaport is covered by its functional procedures.

Since they are the biggest specialized aircraft parts distributors on the globe, they concentrate mostly on the aircraft industry. They have controlled, to name a few, engines, fuel injectors, pump equipment, and surface-based aircraft. They are present in all key markets and have a global footprint. They have spent the last 18 years promoting the HTFN System and the Aircraft Supply Chain, which has consistently been regarded as the world's top aircraft component system. To expand their activities to encompass pharmaceutical supplies, food items, the restoration and construction sectors, animals, industrial sectors, non-governmental organizations, and people, they have historically taken significant measures.  

Due to their 25 years of experience, they have an advantage over the competitors when it comes to customs brokerage. They handle cargo transportation, temporary exports and imports, shipments, and Manufacturing Under Bond (MUB) customs paperwork. They retain supervision and expedite the clearance of your cargo even in the face of changing customs limitations. They offer modern, spacious, and secure warehousing and storage options in Nairobi and Mombasa in collaboration with various stakeholders involved. Among its offerings are commercial, transit, and leasing facilities, as well as cooling rooms for the protection of perishable commodities. They have staff on duty at every crossing point in East Africa to handle all immigration documents and to quicken authorization and shipping. They also give their clients 24-hour information by managing door-to-door delivery from all across the world.

How do I track my will freight express shipping?

Using Easytrackings You can monitor your package by taking just one straightforward step. Click the Track button after entering the shipment tracking ID in the box above. You'll be able to quickly determine where your delivery is. Visit their official website if you have any additional inquiries about your shipment.