Wanbexpress Customer Service

Official Website: https://en.wanbexpress.com/tracking/

Contact Number:  0755-28918827 

About WanBExpress

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WanB Express is a professional logistics company that specializes in cross-border trade. They provide customized services to cater the needs of online merchants who are looking for international delivery solutions, whether it's through air or sea freight.

Wanbexpress provides a customer-focused service that covers over 200 countries and territories mainly in Europe and North America. The company offers domestic express or mail services as well as 4 big international couriers.

How long does WanbExpress take to deliver?

The delivery period is predicted to be between 7 and 12 working days, with the express line taking between 6 and 9 working days and the normal line taking between 10 and 12 days.

Wanbexpress aims to help Chinese sellers send packages all over the world within 7 days. It has branches in the UK, Germany, Belgium, North America, and Australia and multiple collection service outlets in South China and East China.

TypeDelivery RegionDelivery TimeWeight
European Priority LineUK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Sweden4~6 workdays<30kg
European Expedited LineUK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Sweden7~9 workdays<2kg
UK ordinary LineUK5~6 days45×35×16 cm
Wanb Packet28 countries8~12 workdays<2kg
European FBAUK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy7~8 workdays15~3000kg
Australia/Canada LineAustralia, Canada5~8 workdays<30kg