Numerous courier services are available worldwide, but UPS and United Parcel Service remain the most prominent. Initially, it was known as the American Messenger Company for telegraphs. With time, the company became a huge success and is now known as one of the best shipping courier companies worldwide.

Although it is a well-known company, many individuals are unaware of its details, including how one can track his order on UPS and what UPS tracking status means.

If you are one of those individuals and want to enhance your knowledge regarding this courier company, the following guide can help you in many ways. Let's dig into the following article and explore UPS tracking and its features.

UPS Tracking

How To Track A UPS Package?

Tracking your UPS package is an easy task. This website makes your package tracking much more effortless and less time-consuming. All you need to do is, mention your tracking number in the required field. Once done, recheck the number to avoid inconvenience. Now, click on Track Order to find out your order's status.

Furthermore, our website redirects you to the Tracking Detail page that allows you to enable SMS Tracking to keep a check on your package's status. To enable SMS Tracking, click Request Status Updates and select SMS Text. Add your phone number to the required field to revive the package status.

Once you confirm your phone number, you must agree to the UPS SMS Program Terms Of Use and UPS Privacy Policy to proceed. Upon agreeing to all Terms And Conditions, click Submit and await confirmation. After a few minutes, UPS verifies your request. Now, you will receive time-to-time updates regarding your package.

UPS International Package Tracking

You can use a third-party tracking website like ours for international package tracking. The procedure is the same as I mentioned earlier. Add your order's tracking number and a detailed list of your order updates in the required field. Hence, you can track your package through a straightforward method in whatever country you are in.

How To Track UPS Orders Without A Tracking Number?

An order's tracking number is an essential thing to track your shipment. If you lost your shipment's tracking number, contact the seller for your order details. Moreover, you can use your order's reference number or package ID to track your order on the website.

Tracking An Order Through A Reference Number

An alternative method to track a UPS order is using a reference number. Now the question is, what is an order's reference number? A reference number is a specific package ID that a customer assigns through bar-coded information to avoid inconvenience.

Remember, a reference number has a maximum length of 30 characters. Hence, you must choose the information with 30 characters.

About UPS

UPS, commonly known as the United Parcel Service, is one of the most well-known multinational shipping companies. It was initially known as the American Messenger Company. James E. Casey founded this company on 28th August 1907.

The very first building for the American Messenger Company was in Seattle, Washington. Its owners capitalized it initially with a $100 debt.

Originally, this company only focused on package delivery to retail stores. With time, the company's owners collaborated with their biggest competing company's owner and introduced package delivery to specific neighborhoods.

By 1919, the company expanded its roots throughout Seattle and even California. Since then, it has made several achievements with its outstanding shipping services. Today, UPS is known as one of the best and most reliable shipping courier companies worldwide.

What Do I Need To Track My UPS Order?

Initially, I thought tracking your UPS order was more time-consuming than other courier companies, but I was wrong. The advanced features of our site make your tracking much easier.

You only require your order's tracking number to track your UPS package. Some individuals don't know what is a tracking number and where one can find it. Well, I have an answer to your question. When you place an order, you receive a shipping receipt containing your order's tracking number.

You can use that receipt to track your order. Moreover, you must receive tracking details with a tracking number on your phone number and email address.

UPS Tracking Status

Once your order is ready to deliver, UPS scans your order and updates your package status. The following are the most common UPS tracking statuses.

Label Created

It is one of the very first order tracking statuses. It means the company has received the shipment details from your sender. In short, it indicates the verification of your order.

Shipped Or On The Way

The second tracking status means that UPS received your package from the seller. Now, it's scheduled for delivery. Remember, this status stays the same for some time because the shipping can take some time, depending on the delivery area.

Additionally, the company might not scan shipments from a different country again and again till they reach their destination.

Out For Delivery

When your shipment reaches the destination hub, it is time for delivery. The local UPS facilitators in your area dispatch your order for final delivery.

When UPS dispatches your order for final delivery, you must receive an SMS text on your mobile phone if you have enabled SMS tracking. The typical delivery time for UPS orders is between 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. This time duration may vary slightly in commercial areas.


When your order reaches its final destination, UPS updates its status to delivered, which means the buyer has received the package. For several verifications, the rider asks for the buyer's signature to verify delivery.

If a signature facility is unavailable, UPS drivers take proper measures to leave your package in a safe place, like your house's porch, backyard, or garage.

Delivered To A UPS Access Point

If you previously ordered any package through UPS, you must know about UPS Access Point. Some newbies might not know about it but don't worry because this article contains all details regarding UPS.

One of the advanced facilities that UPS offers its customers is UPS Access Point. UPS uses different local businesses as their Access Points, where customers can receive their packages.

Moreover, they can drop their orders at these Access points in case of returns or exchanges. If you select a specific UPS Access Point near you, your package's status updates to Delivered To A UPS Access Point once it reaches its destination. Then, you can receive your package from that Access Point.

Transferred To Post Office For Delivery

Many UPS customers want their orders to transfer to a local post office for delivery. In such cases, UPS updates your order's status when it reaches the selected post office. Now, the post office is responsible for your shipment's final delivery.


Sometimes, the shipment faces delays due to unexpected errors or weather conditions. In such cases, UPS updates your package status to Exception. This status means that UPS has your shipment and will deliver it. Furthermore, the company notes the reason for the delay in delivery.

Once your shipment has a new delivery date, the new tracking status will appear so you can check your order's progress.

Where Do UPS Deliver?

As I mentioned earlier, UPS is a global multinational courier shipping company. Though it originally started by providing delivery services in the United States, it has expanded its services to over 220 countries worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use UPS tracking?

UPS is a courier shipment company that provides services in around 220 countries worldwide. It tracks your order details to keep you updated regarding your shipment. You can track your UPS order by putting your order's tracking number in the required field on our website. Once done, a new screen appears with your shipment's status.

Is the UPS reference number the same as the tracking number?

No, the UPS reference number differs from the tracking number. A tracking number is available on your shipment receipt. Additionally, you receive your order confirmation mail with its tracking number on your email address. On the contrary, a reference is a package ID you assign through bar-coded information.

Can you track a package with a reference number?

Although a tracking number is the most convenient method, you can use your shipment's reference number to track your order. If you lost your shipment tracking number, use its reference number of 30 characters to check your order's status.

How do I track my UPS courier?

Add your order's tracking number to our website's required field to track your UPS courier. The tracking number is available at the bottom of your shipment receipt. Moreover, the seller sends you an Email regarding your order details with its tracking number. Use that tracking number to check your package's status.

What Is A UPS Access Point?

A UPS Access Point contains different local businesses that offer their services for UPS package deliveries. It acts as an alternative option for UPS shipment delivery. Moreover, customers can drop their order on these points in case of returns or exchanges.


UPS, also known as the United Parcel Service, is one of the most well-known global multinational companies that offers its services for courier shipping. It provides services in around 220 countries worldwide. You can track your UPS order with the help of your shipment tracking number.

Furthermore, you can enable SMS Text tracking to receive your order's progress details on your mobile phone. If you lost your order's tracking number, use its reference number of 30 characters as an alternate option to track your shipment.