Topshop Customer Support

Phone Number+44 344 984 0264

Corporate Office Address: Topshop/Topman Limited Colegrave House London, England W1T 3NL United Kingdom

About Topshop

Topshop (previously known as Topshop) was a British clothing, accessories, and cosmetics company with a global presence. It operates 510 stores globally, including more than 300 in the U.K., and has an extensive global online presence. It formerly belonged to the Sir Philip Green-led Arcadia Group, but it filed for bankruptcy in late 2020. The Topshop trademark, which is presently only sold online, was acquired by ASOS on February 1, 2021.

Topshop began in the 1960s as a promotion for Peter Robinson’s shopping mall, which featured apparel by up-and-coming British manufacturers including Mary Quant and Stirling Cooper. Burton acquired the women’s fashion business from Peter Robinson in 1946. Top Shop, a teen retailer with a location in Sheffield, was established in 1964 and had a sizable division in the Oxford Street location. It had a subsidiary established in Norwich’s Peter Robinson store by 1966.

Topshop operates more than 510 locations, plus franchisees, with more than 300 in the UK. Through online services, it is present in 37 different parts of the world and in a number of markets.

How long does it take for Topshop to deliver?

Normally, it requires 4 working days to dispatch your shipments.

Can I still order from Topshop?

Customers can still purchase products from Topshop, Topman, and Miss Selfridge. Visitors will no longer be able to buy such items in stores or on the companies’ previous sites; instead, they will now be available as part of the Asos website.