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Telephone number: 800-531-1071
Fax Number: 210-662-3295
Contact Email: [email protected]

About Southwestern Motor Transport

Southwestern Motor Transport Tracking

Southwestern Motor Transport is an American business that serves the majority of the US population with LTL and larger shipment services. Additionally, this company uses up to 350 vehicles to provide global service at the Canada and Mexico borders. In reality, Roy Gilbert established a trucking company in Cotulla and one in San Antonio in 1930. Nevertheless, as time went on, they grew their company and began providing services along the borderline between Mexico and Laredo. The carrier group eventually increased to 50 pieces of gear in 1940. The merger of Gilbert Truck Line and recently acquired Southwestern Motor Transport Inc. marks a significant shift for Gilbert's two businesses.

The fleet has now grown to include 100 units. The SMT lines are now offering Rapid Freight Forwarding in addition to LTL and truckload. You can reserve your customized order for shipment using this method. The transportation type, time of delivery, and location are your choices. To give customers the most advantage, storage, processing, and transportation services are offered. Additionally, you may monitor your package using the Southwestern tracking tool.

How can I track my Southwestern freight by using a tracking number?

To use the reference number, you may follow your Southwestern delivery. You will be given this ID by the business either on the shipment invoice or in the confirmation email. Keep track of this number and put it in the tracking text box above. The track icon is close to the area; press it. You will quickly have access to your order’s tracking information.