Purolator is a well-known delivery service across Canada that specializes in domestic and international shipments. And one reason why it has been the most used service in the country is its detailed tracking mechanism and expansive infrastructure.

Hence, knowing whether your deliveries are during transit and whether they are delivered is pretty straightforward and convenient for customers. Here is your quick one-stop guide to Purolator tracking, along with some useful answers. So, let’s get in for more.

About Purolator Tracking

Purolator is a private courier and parcel delivery company, based in Eastern Canada. This company was founded in 1960 and is currently owned by the government. Over the years, it has become a popular nationwide delivery service that deals with domestic and international deliveries. As of now, it has around 170 postal operation services and 110 distribution offices, with its employees from all across Canada.

It has an obvious presence in all the major cities and territories within Canada and America. According to a recent analysis, the company has an extensive logistic and transportation size that makes a total of one billion in revenue annually. The expansive infrastructure and regional presence make it a convenient and trusted delivery service for individuals within Canada. Likewise, the wide variety of intra-Canada services makes it a quick logistic delivery provider.

Contact Purolator Tracking

All the services except customer service will be inactive during the weekend.

How Do I Track My Purolator Package?

Currently, Purolator uses a comprehensive online mechanism to ensure that deliveries are recorded. Hence, there are three ways how you can track your shipment order using Purolator services.

What Would You Need to Track a Domestic Purolator Package?

Purolator has a tracking mechanism for shipments that are either in the transit period or have been delivered to a certain address. To check whether your delivery has been made, you will need a tracking pin, also known as the shipment number. You can also use the reference number on the track package to check its status through the virtual assistant available on the official website.

How Do Shippers Achieve a Tracking Number for a Purolator Package?

Please note that the company sends the tracking number through either an email service or a text message. And shippers only get this code once the procedural requirements are done. The ID will always be a mix of alphabets (3) and numerals (9). For instance, KI123456789N. On the package, the company uses digitally recorded numbers to make sure the security and safety of parcels are intact.

What Kind of Domestic Services Does Purolator Offer?

As a renowned courier service company, Purolator has a wide variety of domestic services for shippers to deliver anywhere within Canada. Not only this, each service has a complete record of the transit and tracking status, which makes the entire process convenient. Here are some services retailers, businesses, and individual shippers can use with Purolator.

Express Delivery

The Express delivery at Purolator is divided into same-day intra-city and in-city services. Here is a breakdown of this delivery service you must know before making a pre-order.

Same-Day Express Delivery

The most used Express or Same Day Delivery service from Purolator was introduced for urgent orders within a city. This service is available for specific shipping centers and needs to be pre-arranged on a phone call. It is active on 365 days, between 7 am and 10 pm (eastern time).

Same-Day In-City Delivery

In case you want to deliver a shipment to another city within Canada, you can opt for Purolator Express In-City service. This is available for all Canadian cities and can be pre-booked online. Make sure to follow some procedural guidelines while ordering this delivery service for your order.

Purolator Ground Service

The Purolator Ground Services takes between 24 and 48 hours to deliver a shipment within Canada. With this service, you can ship items up to 5 pounds in weight and 28 inches in length. Here is the booking and delivery time for the Next Day Ground Service within Canada.

Same Day Next Flight Out Delivery

If you want your special orders to be delivered from one city to another within Canada. You can opt for the Next Flight Out delivery service. It is available for all service centers, 365 days a year. The timing for this service is between 8 am and 7 pm (eastern time).

What is the Estimated Cost of Ordering a Domestic Shipment within Canada?

The cost of Purolator shipping rates within Canada varies on the type of service users and the destination. Typically, services other than Purolator Ground take no more than $3 for shipping an item nationwide. And if you book the Ground service, it may cost up to $5.

Users can arrange their pickup orders at any nearest local Purolator office. There are a number of delivery methods (online registration, as a guest, or physically by visiting the local office). Next, based on the weight and delivery method, the company will email the payment package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an account to ship with Purolator?

No, there is no need for an account for shipment with Purolator. Users can use their credit card numbers to ship their packages as a guest. Or, they can visit the in-house shipping offices to register an order and pay for it.

How do I create a shipment?

Visit Purolator and register yourself as a shipper in order to create a shipment. Or, you can log in using your credit card number to order a shipment as a guest. Make sure to read the shipping guidelines on how to successfully approve a shipment.

How long does Purolator take to deliver a package?

Delivery of a shipment with Purolator depends on the destination and shipping service you are using. For instance, Express delivery takes almost 24 hours to ship your package within Canada. The Ground Service takes 48 hours to ship while the special packages take a little longer to ship to your destination.

Does Purolator ship on weekends?

Yes, Purolator ships your orders on Saturdays. However, this facility is only available for some services including Express and Ground service. The company does not ship your packages on Sundays, yet customer service is active on Sundays across Canada.

How long does it take to get my business account application approved with Purolator?

On weekdays, it will take between 24 to 48 hours to get your application for a business account approved with Purolator. After this time, it becomes active for shipments.

How to contact Purolator?

You can contact the Purolator virtual assistant during delivery hours. Here is a breakdown of what time each department will answer your calls.

My Purolator shipment is delayed or missing. What should I do?

To check the delivery status of your shipment, enter the tracking pin. In case, it gets delayed or missing, click the Chat button and talk to the virtual assistant present on the same page. Or, consult the customer service team at 1 888 SHIP-123 or 1 888 744 7123. They will guide you on how to recover the shipment.

What to do if my shipment is sent to an incorrect address?

First, track the status of your shipment through the tracking pin. If it shows an incorrect address, click the chat button and consult the Virtual Assistant. Or, contact the customer service team at 1 888 SHIP-123. They will use the rider information and necessary connections to deliver the shipment to the correct address.

How do I correct my address on the delivery status through Purolator’s courier services?

You can change the delivery address of your shipment by consulting the local courier customer service team at 1 888 SHIP-123 or 1 888 744 7123. You will be required to provide a waybill number and the shipment number to change the address.

How can I create a return shipment?

You can return a label using the same shipping account you use for delivery. While creating a return shipment, you are required to email the Return Management Label and a QR code directly to the return shipper. Or, you can schedule a shipment to be sent to the person at a later date.

What is the ideal weight of a Purolator shipment?

The maximum weight for regular delivery is under 50 lbs and size not exceeding 48 inches. In case your package is heavier and longer, you are directed towards a Special Handling delivery. There is also a restriction on these items that are available on the support page. In case you are unable to find your desired item, contact the customer service.

What kind of items can be shipped with Purolator?

You can ship almost everything as long as it is not prohibited by the law. In case you want to ship something dangerous with Purolator, you need approval from the Certified Dangerous Goods Specialist within your region. Likewise, you can transport unprohibited articles with an approval agreement between Purolator and the shipper under legal obligations.

Final Thoughts

Purolator tracking services are one of the best logistic delivery services in Canada. It has been a trusted and reliable delivery company since its inception. Likewise, given that it has a comprehensive tracking mechanism for shipments that are in transit or have been delivered, the entire delivery process makes it convenient for shippers.

Finally, I hope you have been able to figure out how to conveniently check the delivery status of your order using the Purolator tracking service.