ALS Global Customer Care

Phone number: +61 7 3367 7900 (Global HDQ), +1 281 530 5656(Global Operations)
Email Address: [email protected]

Head Quarters Office Address: Level 2, 299 Coronation Drive, Milton, Queensland, Australia, 4064
Global Operations Address: 9811 Katy Freeway, Suite 1100 Houston, TX 77024 USA

About ALS Global

In order to assist companies engaged in exploration and production in the eastern region, Australian Laboratory Services P/L established a small geochemistry lab in Brisbane, Australia, in 1976. Australian Laboratory Services P/L was acquired by Campbell Brothers Limited in 1981, setting ALS on the way to becoming one of the largest and most reputable commercial science research companies on the globe. In the 1990s, ALS moved to Asia, then, in the middle of the 2000s, to North America, Europe, and Africa, and finally, in 2011, to the Middle East.

The ALS Company employs over 13,000 people globally and runs around 350 labs in more than 55 countries. ALS laboratory services has already been delivering solutions to consumers all over the globe for more than forty years, supporting them in developing optimal, more educated choices. Test Method is at the core of their offerings, but they now offer far more. They offer cutting-edge scientifically customized solutions to their customers’ evolving needs, ensuring that their corporations are run in the most effective, morally sound, and current market manner possible. ALS has created a name for digitalization, reliability, and a profound understanding of clients by serving as a reliable technical services provider to a wide range of industries.

They are committed to adopting the most innovative methods and cutting-edge techniques to provide clients with superior testing options, ensuring that their clients' processes are as efficient as needed while having total faith in the information ALS produces. While still being flexible and capable of providing knowledge, competence, and great client service, ALS has the ability to call on a broad range of multinational personnel. Beyond what their business has developed, they take pride in offering each of their clients individualised goods and solutions. You can track and trace your delivery online thanks to their special service. 

What is ALS tracking?

From this day forward, all sample vessel shipments will include a number of monitoring tags. The tracking labels aren’t customized for each customer. Through easytrackings, you can trace whether or not your package has been received with the use of these labels. The labels can be used for a variety of shipments and letters, as well as for many modes of transportation. For further confirmation please visit their official website.