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OOCL Container Tracking

It would be best to discuss OOCL corporate information before determining what OOCL track is. The largest transportation company in Hong Kong is called OOCL. Orient Overseas Container Line Limited is known as OOCLL, while Orient Overseas Container Limited is known as OOCL. These two companies each serve a certain region of the globe. 

Nevertheless, Orient Overseas (International) Limited is the parent company of both. The majority of Hong Kong’s logistical and transportation needs are met by this brand, which is the best known in the city. Due to this, the company has grown significantly across all continents.

To further understand this multinational corporation, let’s first provide some background information. The Orient Overseas Line was established in 1947 by the late C Y Tung. The owner of this extensive transportation company was C. Y. Tung. The company changed its name to “Orient Overseas Container Line” in 1969. With 21,413 TEU, OOCL’s largest containership was completed in May 2017.

Today, the OOCL has established a solid history and provides a wide range of solutions to customers along the eastern and western trading routes.

It seems to be the most customer-focused option for container transportation. As a result, the organization now offers the tracking service to its customers. Once they deliver it, you can use this facility to track your container. So, once it arrives at your door, you may regularly check on your purchase.

How can someone track an OOCL container?

Use the loading code on the master invoice to follow the vessel you ordered from OOCL as it travels to its destination. You can also refer to it as an order number. You can input this figure on the track indicated above and select “Track” from the drop-down menu next to the tracking box. Check the progress of your item right now. Nevertheless, there is an additional method, which is to login to your OOCL store profile and browse the order section. Select the order that you need to follow by clicking.