Oakland International Container Customer Care

Phone number: (510) 627-1101
Office Address: Port of Oakland 530 Water Street Oakland, CA 94607

Oakland International Container Tracking Number Format

The format for tracking numbers is 11 digits, with the first 4 letters. There could be additional typical formats as well.

E.g. DEFG7654321

About Port Of Oakland

Oakland International Container Terminal Tracking

The Port of Oakland is a prominent cargo carrier port located in Oakland, California, on the San Francisco Bay. It was the first significant seaport on the Pacific Coastline of the USA to build cargo ship facilities. It was the fifth major commercial port in the country in 2011, behind Savannah, Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Newark. A generation of research and building culminated in an international cargo management system that was finished in 2002, creating a high-volume freight infrastructure that prepared the Port of Oakland for further expansion in the West Coast shipping market. It was ranked eighth in the U.S. for vessels in 2019.

The Port of Oakland was formed in 1927 on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay. As a premier global freight and shipping center, they have invented logistics technologies to speed up the movement of goods throughout the globe. They remain a pioneer in the port industry, whether it be through implementing specialized shipping containers, deepening their routes to accommodate ever-larger ships, or upgrading the network of nearby railroads for increased productivity.

During the port’s 165-year history, the Civil War, the Industrial Revolution, the Second World War, and America’s development as a major superpower all took place. The first port of transport to San Francisco was established by Captain Thomas Gray, who also happened to be the legendary performer Isadora Duncan’s grandfather. In 1893, the Southern Pacific Railroad relinquished control of the harbor to the City of Oakland, which has maintained that control ever since. 

Oakland is now the country’s second-largest cargo port. The harbor has maintained its significance in the maritime industry because of outstanding management and innovative thinking. They currently process 99 percent of all container-based products in the Northern California area, making them one of the top ten largest container terminals in the United States. About 40% of the dock’s local job growth is attributable to the ports.

How do I track Port of Oakland Container?

By putting your tracking number into the easytracking internet tracker, you may follow the container. You will receive immediate updates with current data. For further information, you can visit their official website.

How many ships are in port of Oakland?

With an additional 24 ships planned to arrive in Oakland, the port currently has 64 ships.