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Telephone Number: (800) 858-8815
Fax Number: (253) 931-5137
Main Office Address: 1339 West Valley Hwy North, PO Box 1469, Auburn, WA 98071-1469

About Oak Harbor

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Ben Koetje founded Oak Harbor Transfer, which eventually changed its name to Oak Harbor Freight Lines, in 1916 in Oak Harbor, Washington. The cargo firm, Oak Harbor Transfer, had its headquarters on Whidbey Island. The little island vessel was purchased by John and Gus Vander Pol in 1936 for $600.00, along with its loan. Henry, their little brother, decided to join them in 1937. In 1942, the brothers acquired Oak Harbor Freight Lines, a second small delivery company. They combined the two businesses under that title.

The brothers gradually expanded the business into a modest LTL enterprise that catered to several Western Washington regions. In 1974, Henry completed the purchase of the business. That year, his two boys, Edward and David, started working with their dad.

Following liberalization in 1980, Oak Harbor started to grow, and that is still working great. Oak Harbor Freight Lines developed as a well-known local LTL provider throughout this period. With multiple ports, over 1700 employees, and annual earnings of more than $225 million, Oak Harbor has established itself as a major superior service provider in the western world. It offers dependable, premium services at reasonable (but not the cheapest) costs. 

With 37 terminals, more than 850 trucks, and 2,400 trailers, Oak Harbor Freight Lines offers regular access in six western regions, covering Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, California, Idaho, and Washington. Since 1916, Oak Harbor Freight Lines has provided excellent offerings to its clients by thoroughly understanding and catering to their requirements. 

How do I track Oak Harbor freight Lines?

The easytrackings online tracker allows users to track their freight line by inputting their reference or PRO ID in the above box. The automatic system will show all the latest information about your cargo.