Nestlé Nespresso S.A. Customer Support Section:-

Phone Number: 0800 442 442 (UK) or 1800 81 26 60 (International)

About Nespresso: 

A perfect espresso coffee cup was the inspiration for Nespresso’s creation over thirty years ago. By creating espresso coffee cups, Nespresso has contributed to and changed the coffee tradition since 1986. A new method of making and consuming coffee was developed in the 1900s in the shape of an espresso unit. Following the popularity of this creation, a fresh idea in innovation gave rise to Nespresso. This concept, which originated in Switzerland years ago, has since spread to over 81 nations.

You can use the top-notch coffee solutions offered by Nestle and Nespresso, which also offer coffee throughout the globe. Their coffee is crushed, roasted, and packaged at the Orbe, Romont, and Avenches plants in Switzerland. Currently, there are 700 stores spread across the globe. In order to provide the globe with their finest solutions, more than 13,500 workers are focusing on this with all of their strength and passion.

How can I track my order of Nespresso?

Use the tracking box on easytrackings to follow the progress of your Nespresso order. When you get an item reference code from the couriers, put it in the tracking area above. This ID will be sent to you in the combo email. Obtain this ID, type it into the tracking text box, and then click the “track” option. You will shortly be able to verify the status of your Nespresso order.

How do I get free shipping by Nespresso?

On purchases over $35, delivery is free. The order will also arrive in about 5-7 business days. You may view all the delivery alternatives on the Nespresso website for additional information.