Midwest Motor Express Inc (MME inc) Customer Support

Phone number : (701) 223-1880
Toll-Free: (800) 741-4097
Fax: (701) 224-1894
MME Tracking Contact Email: [email protected]
Home Office Address: 5015 East Main Ave Bismarck, ND 58501

About Midwest Motor Express

One of the first US logistics companies was Midwest Motor Express. It offers solutions in several areas. But the Midwest Express has a legacy that covers a period stretching back more than a century. Charles Synder launched the business in 1918. The business moves the packages from one place to another using wagons and animals.

However, the company‘s operations, leadership, and communication range began to develop with time. Midwest Motor Express expanded into Kansas, Memphis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Chicago, and other states by acquiring other transportation companies. The solutions of Midwest Express are now available everywhere throughout the world. The staff of the organization has always been available to help you with eBay-related issues. In addition, the business creates strategic plans that function in accordance with the demands of your package in order to meet your wants. To view the status of your item in real-time, use Midwest Motor Express Tracking. 

An asset-based multi-regional transportation solutions provider, Midwest Motor Express is a standalone subsidiary of Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings (NYSE: KNX). It provides less-than-truckload, truckload, dedicated contract carriage, brokerage, and international services. We offer broader direct coverage and resources over a sizable portion of the United States because to our cross-brand synergies with other KNX companies. Additionally, Midwest Motor Express's extensive Affiliate Carrier Program broadens its geographic reach into Canada, Mexico, and other countries.

Who bought out MME?

Knight-Swift, a publicly traded carrier registered on the New York Stock Exchange, has acquired Midwest Motor Express. According to the Bismarck Tribune, Midwest will continue to run its business from its headquarters in Bismarck, while its sister company, Midnite Express, will do the same from Fargo.

How many trucks does MME have?

According to Kling, Knight-Swift employs 20,000 trucks and mostly services the freight industry. About 800 new workers and 446 additional trucks are added to Knight-fleet Swift's by MME and Midnite Express.

How can I track my MME order?

You can track your item delivered by Midwest Express using the Midwest Express Tracking tool. By inserting a tracking number in the tracking field, this option enables you to follow the progress of your item. This ID will be sent to you in the company’s confirmation email. To put this code in the track text box, go ahead and paste it. When you press the “track” button, data about the tracking will show up on your screen. You could use the client service corner if something goes wrong. They will start assisting you right away.