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Phone Number: +1-903-453-0804
Contact Email: [email protected]
Fax Number: +1-214-853-5687

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A US-based company called Hexbug produces IR and robotics toys. With the assistance of First International, these products are created and delivered across America. The characteristics that were utilized to create Beam Robotics were integrated into Hexbug. Many individuals have embraced and utilized this invention. These Hexbugs are offered in reputable retail establishments. It is available in numerous kinds and fashions.

Nevertheless, the Hexbug corporation was established in Greenville in 2007. Innovation First International, a company founded in 1996, develops and oversees it. At the moment, the business produces robotic items on a limited scale. The Hexbug’s creations are not just well-known in the US; some of their products are in high demand abroad as well. The company, for example, supplied items to the Japanese toymaker Bandai.

Hexbug is a brand that sells a variety of goods. Hexmods, nanotechnology, junkbots, battlebots, mobots, and the Mico Titan line are some of these items. In addition to RackSolutions and Vex Robotics, the owners, Innovation First International, also own other companies. The finest robots and technology-based goods are available.

How can I track my Hexbug order?

Using the tracking box on easytrackings, you may follow orders for hexbug. You will receive a tracking ID from the operator in the confirmation email. Put this number in the box and click “track.” When you press the button, a window will appear with the tracking data. You can now track the progress of your package in real time.