Golden State Overnight (GSO) Customer Support:-

Telephone Number: 1-800-322-5555
Contact Email: [email protected]
Fax Number: 916-636-5101

About GSO:

GSO GLS Tracking

In the West, GSO, a US-based business, provides cargo and package distribution options. Washington, Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Oregon are included in its coverage. Additionally, GSO offers its transportation solutions more quickly and more affordably than competitors, particularly the overnight service. The business offers quick ground transportation as well as LTL freight delivery to customers.

Let’s take a look at the firm’s typical delivery times: Monday through Friday. On demand, Saturday deliveries are possible, but there is no Sunday collection service. Additionally, there’ll be no collection and transport operations on Sunday due to GSO’s holiday schedule. Independence Day, Memorial Day, New Year’s Day, Labor Day, Christmas, and Thanksgiving Day are also avoided by the corporation.

For your thoughtful awareness, the GSO is also referred to as the GLS. In any case, this reputable company provides services to numerous sectors and thousands of clients. In addition to many other sectors, these include those in the medical, winemaking, pharmaceutical, and alcohol sectors. Additionally, the firm provides other delivery firms with the chance to join with GSO in order to grow their clientele and networks.

What is GSO?

GSO stands for Golden State Overnight Service. The West is served by this American-based transportation firm. Arizona, California, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and other western states are included in the GSO’s operational zones.

Are GSO and GLS the same?

The corporation was formerly known as GSO, but after being acquired, the firm was renamed to GLS. General Logistics Systems is the abbreviation. It is now known as either the GSO or GLS.

How can I track my GSO shipping?

Your GSO shipping can be tracked using one of the two options listed below.

You would first receive a tracking id on the shipping email address or invoice. This information can be written down and entered into the tracking box. Second, you can access the orders column by logging into your GLS account. Then, access order histories and choose the appropriate order to view its tracking information.