Want to know about the whereabouts of your package? Then you are at the right place. Federal Express, popularly known as FedEx, is a multinational company focused on shipping, e-commerce, and business services to bring ease to its customers. With time, it has established itself as one of the largest logistics companies.

FedEx offers various delivery services, such as residential delivery, LTL freight, small-package ground delivery, in-store, and many other services. Furthermore, it offers secure, fast, and safe delivery to more than 200 countries across the globe. It’s no wonder that many people use FedEx to ship their packages.

FedEx shipments rest upon the size or weight of the parcel, intended location, delivery time frame, and type of addressee. Additionally, the U.S. government also turns to its partner FedEx for logistic requirements. In this guide, I will discuss how to track your parcel and provide information on the tracking number and status updates. Therefore, keep reading to enlighten yourself.

FedEx Tracking (In-Depth Guide)

Monitoring and tracking your packages is necessary to find your package’s location or any other updates related to it. FedEx tracking tool helps you to track your multiple packages anytime and anywhere. Now, let me tell you how you can monitor your FedEx parcel and what is the tracking number. Let’s get started.

How To Track Your FedEx Package Via Website

Step 1: Navigate To FedEx Tracking Tool (Website)

First, search for the FedEx Express tracking tool that will assist you in monitoring your parcel. It informs you about your package’s location. Tracking your parcel is necessary because it offers a complete overview of the package’s route and timeline. You can see the transport process clearly with just one click. Moreover, the website offers free services, so you can check multiple packages without cost.

Step 2: Find Your Package’s Tracking Number

Are you wondering what a tracking number is? It is the code allocated to the packages when you ship them. Moreover, each parcel has its own unique code. The packages are assigned different digit numbers, such as 10, 12, 15, 20, or 22, depending on the transporting services.

These numbers serve the identification purpose; your package will be traced through these numbers; therefore, it’s important. The online seller will inform you through the provided email or phone number that your package has been dispatched. And in that e-mail or SMS, you will see your parcel’s tracking number. Save this tracking number.

However, remember one thing, the tracking number won’t function until it is examined by the post office. Moreover, if you have not received your package’s tracking number, I will recommend you wait for 24 hrs before taking any action. Once the time has passed you can contact the seller.

Step 3: Enter The Tracking Number

After you have saved your package tracking number, now is the time to use these codes. Copy the tracking number. Next, you will see an empty bar or space on the website’s (FedEx Tracking Tool) top page. Paste the tracking number and click the “track my package” option.

You can use this tool for free, and what’s more exciting is that you don’t need to log in to use the FedEx tracking tool.

Step 4: Track Your Package

Congratulations, you can now track and monitor your package effortlessly anywhere and anytime. You will see different statuses on the web page showing you at which level or phase your parcel is and when it will arrive at your doorsteps. In addition, you can also see more additional details related to your package.

Step 5: Track Multiple Packages

The other best thing about the FedEx tracking tool is that you can track multiple packages simultaneously instead of monitoring them individually. And how can you carry out this act? Simply enter the tracking numbers of the packages you want to monitor in the same space and click the “Track my package” option.

How To Track Package Without Tracking Number

There might arise a possibility that a person has lost their tracking number, accidentally deleted the email or SMS which contained the tracking number, or cannot find the number. If you find yourself in this dilemma, don’t fret because I got you.

Tracking is a necessary requirement if you want to track or monitor your package status and progress level. In such a case, what to do? The answer is simple, you only need to enter the reference number instead of the tracking number. The reference number will be sent to you by the online seller via SMS or email. You can also use the Door tag or purchase order number.

Understanding FedEx Tracking Status

You can now successfully track your package, but you don't know what the status of your package means. Don’t worry; I have got you covered. Each status shows the different progress levels of your parcel; therefore, it’s important to understand what they mean and donate. Let me guide you.

1. Information Sent to FedEx

It implies that the FedEx company has received all the information related to your package and parcel. The only thing left is the dispatching of the parcel. Furthermore, if your package is shipped from another country or any other faraway place, your status will be stuck at “shipment information sent to FedEx”; hence, wait some time.

2. FedEx Facility

If your status shows this, it means your parcel is still with FedEx and is in the process of being shipped. This means they have picked up the package from the sender and are only waiting to be transported. It may take some time; therefore, be patient.

3. In Transit

It implies that your package has been shipped out, left the FedEx facility, and is on its way to the desired location. Your status can also get stuck at “In transmit” for several days. It can be due to unforeseen delays like traffic, custom clearance, etc.

4. International Shipment Release

This status will only show to those who have made a purchase from abroad. It means that the product has passed the clearance process and is on its way to the mentioned address.

5. Delivered

It shows the final process of your package. It means your parcel has successfully arrived and will be at your doorstep.

6. Delivery Exception

If your status shows “exception,” it implies that a certain issue occurred during the transportation of your package. This can be due to various reasons, such as no individual being there to accept the package, customs delays, weather, wrong address information, vacations, etc. If you face this trouble, you can contact the FedEx office to solve this problem and get information related to your status.

7. Pending Status

Sometimes it may happen that when you open the tracking page to see any changes in your package status, you will see “pending”. This indicates that your package estimated delivery date may change due to certain hurdles or problems.

Therefore, you will not be receiving your parcel at the determined time. However, it does not mean you will not be receiving your package, but it will be delayed and may take extra days.

8. Hold Up at Desired Location

FedEx gives flexibility to its customers to hold the package at desired FedEx facility for collecting rather than delivering at the previously mentioned address. However, remember that FedEx will only keep your parcel for one week for FedEx Ground and FedEx Express services. Therefore, pick your package before the deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you track a FedEx delivery?

Yes, absolutely. You can keep yourself informed about the package’s progress level and estimated arrival date. The only thing you need is your tracking number or reference number. Moreover, you can also track your parcel using the door tag number. These numbers will be sent to you via email or SMS by the seller.

Does FedEx deliver on Sundays?

Fortunately, yes. FedEx offers a home delivery service that is an everyday service meaning they also deliver packages on Saturdays and Sundays.

Does FedEx update tracking?

Yes, they do. They keep you updated on your package status and location throughout the transportation process. FedEx starts updating your package’s progress once they have received your parcel. However, if you don’t see any changes in your status, it means that FedEx has not received your package yet.

Does FedEx delayed mean lost?

No. This status implies there were some problems during the delivery process, and your package might not arrive at the estimated date and time. It can be due to holidays, clearance delays, weather, and more. If this issue arises you can directly contact the FedEx office.

Concluding Lines

You can now effortlessly track your FedEx Express packages or parcels by following the provided instruction. The instructions and steps are easy to follow and do not require any scientific knowledge. The only thing you need to know in order to track your package is your tracking number.

It is a code assigned to your package, and it is sent to your email address and phone number. Therefore, provide authentic and valid contact information. Moreover, if you have lost your tracking number, you can use the reference number to monitor the status of your package. You can now easily see the progress level of your parcel and estimated delivery time.