Ashton Drake Customer Service:-

Hotline Phone number: +1 866-903-2752

About Ashton Drake Galleries: 

The Ashton Drake Galleries are well-known manufacturers of dolls. The firm offers a wide variety of doll models based on distinct subjects and themes. Additionally, it contains dolls made to resemble babies, famous people, weddings, and many other stunning doll designs. For 32 years, the company has provided the public with doll collections. However, the company’s commitment to high quality is what makes it successful. When making their dolls, Ashton Drake uses only the best materials, including porcelain, resins, TrueTouch silicon, and RealTouch vinyl.

Surprisingly, the firm’s other notable aspect is that their dolls are made by a skilled artist. The artisans deliver the best dolls in terms of quality, form, and appearance since they are highly aware of their responsibilities. That’s not all; many Ashton dolls also have qualities that are similar to those of humans, like making noises, waving their hands, inhaling, and beating their hearts. You can therefore get in touch with the Ashton Drake Galleries to find out more about their dolls. Additionally, you may purchase these dolls from the business’s web store and follow their progress till they reach your house.

How do I check the Ashton Drake order status?

Using the tracking box provided above on the website, you can follow the progress of your Ashton Drake order. The tracking text area simply requires the tracking number to be entered. You will be given this ID by the appropriate courier service in the email confirmation. You can track your order after you get this number. Hit the track option after entering the ID in the tracking box. Wait a little bit; shortly you’ll be able to see the current status of your order.

How long does Ashton Drake take to ship an order?

Although Ashton Drake’s regular delivery time is 6 to 8 weeks, the company typically delivers orders in only three weeks. You can check out the additional delivery alternatives that are available. However, they come at an additional cost.