E.M.P. Merchandising Contact Details

Phone Number: 0203 885 0001

Email: [email protected]

 Support Timing: Monday to Friday 07:00 to 19:00 (excluding Bank Holidays)

Head Office: Lingen, Niedersachsen, Germany

You can track your parcel with an order number. This number consists of 4 to 5 digits and is written on the docket or sent to you via email when you confirm the order.

About E.M.P

Exclusive Merchandise Products (EMP) is a renowned enterprise hailing from Germany, predominantly operating in the music merchandising and mail-order industry. With an emphasis on heavy metal and hard rock music genres, EMP has established itself as one of Germany's premier mail-order businesses, as per a 2003 evaluation.

Historically, EMP expanded its product range by absorbing MZEE.com, a mail-order company dealing in hip-hop records. However, after the integration, the specific hip-hop category was discontinued.

In its current form, EMP epitomizes modernity and flexibility in retail, offering a diverse range of products including clothing, footwear, games, home essentials, tech gadgets, and many more. The company's digital storefront now boasts an inventory exceeding 20,000 items, catering to a global audience through their distribution of quarterly catalogs across various geographical locations.

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 How can I track my EMP order?

  1. You can track your order via EMP Merchandise official website.
  2. You can track your order by putting your tracking number into our above tracking tool as well.

How long does an EMP order take to arrive?

You will get a shipment confirmation shortly after your purchase has been shipped. After that, the provider will deliver your package within 3-5 days. In the event of poor weather or weekend holidays, you will have to wait a bit longer.

How long does EMP take to refund?

You will be refunded using the payment method you initially used. It may take up to 5-7 business days to complete your return order after it has been collected.

What is the source of EMP's deliveries?

All orders are sent from their Lingen, Germany facility.

Does EMP provide international shipping?

Yes, for all overseas deliveries, they now collaborate with DHL.