eBay International Priority Customer Support Information:-

Customer Support Phone number: 1800 209 3229

About eBay Global Shipping: 

The online marketplace known as eBay lets you buy and sell a variety of goods. There are various delivery options on eBay. The vendor will select a particular method of delivery to use based on his region. Using the eBay Global Shipping programme, Pitney Bowes will ship the package if it is being shipped from the United States or England, respectively. For supply chain management, however, eBay merchants utilized SFC, ePacket, China Post, and Winit.

The above tracking system allows you to follow any tracking number even though eBay uses a variety of delivery compebay-order-track-traceanies.

In addition to this, Orange Connex’s eBay fulfilment service is the other option. It is a method that enables the supplier to provide exceptional shipping service. The suppliers can also provide same-day, next-day, late deadline, and normal shipping with this approach. You will receive end-to-end assistance not just on eBay but also on other marketplaces. Consumers and suppliers can both use the track and trace tool to make services more accessible. 

Different transportation options are available on eBay, and they all rely on the vendor’s region. Sellers frequently use the eBay Global Shipping Program and Pitney Bowes to deliver shipments when the products are shipped from the US or the UK. China Post, SFC, Winit, and ePacket are among the couriers that are frequently used by eBay China retailers to deliver stuff.

Our tracking tool will allow you to find data from all the logistics and transportation companies that deliver eBay packages. Shipments from eBay frequently include several carriers. 

eBay fulfilment by Orange Connex

Orange Connex’s eBay fulfillment program offers merchants a reliable shipping solution. With supply chain management on eBay and other retail channels, Orange Connex provides clients with same-day processing, extended cutoff periods, the choice of next-day and regular shipping, and delayed cutoff durations.

 Royal Mail International Standard Tracking eBay

The delivery technique used by an eBay seller to deliver goods to a customer is called Royal Mail International Standard, and it can be followed all the way from the vendor’s facility to your front doorstep.

Tracking International Priority Shipping to UK

If your tracking number resembles UPAAB000000123456789 and includes the prefixes UPAA or UPBE, your item was shipped via the GSP Global Shipping Program.

Tracking eBay package to Australia

Following delivery from the seller, the product goes via the US to GSP’s corporate office in Erlanger, KY, where it is processed for global shipping. The shipment is now given to either wnDirect or FedEx, who will ship your goods to Australia.

Tracking eBay packages to Spain and France

Pitney Bowes transfers the package to mail-forwarder TrackYourParcel.eu for overseas shipment, and that company, based on the location, subcontract the courier to a local shipping agency. Through a connection from the Pitney Bowes website, you can get updated tracking numbers on the TrackYourParcel.eu website.

Correos Espana delivers packages in Spain, and Colissimo does so in France. 

How do I track global shipping on eBay?

Easytrackings is an online platform where customers have access to a tracking facility for eBay International shipping. You will be given a tracking number by the courier in the email address. You could use it by typing it in the tracking space given above. You will get your item tracking details after entering this ID and clicking the track button.

What carrier does distribute eBay global shipping?

Pitney Bowes manages immigration and foreign shipments through its global shipping network. Pitney Bowes should dispatch the item to establish an address once the realtor’s duty is complete, especially in the UK and the US.